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This Cult-Fave Sleep Fan Is Back At Costco & You Can Get One For Less Than $40

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We only know a couple of people who need to sleep in pure and utter silence. For the rest of us, the white noise from a fan can go a long way to helping us get a good night’s sleep. In an ideal world, fans provide enough noise to mask any sounds that could wake us up, and enough airflow so we don’t sweat to death while wrapped up under covers. But finding the perfect fan can be a challenge. Box fans are a little too loud, and can make you feel like you’re trying to fall asleep in the cargo hold of a jet plane. And some of the more modern tower fans are actually too quiet, and don’t provide that white noise so many of us crave at night. So when we saw that CostcoHotFinds discovered that the perfect nighttime fan was back at Costco, we got seriously excited — especially when we saw the price.

The Woozoo oscillating fan at Costco doesn’t just rotate back and forth — it can also go up and down, helping to really mix up the air in your room to keep things comfortable all night. It also has five different speeds, so you can control for the perfect airflow — and noise level — you need. It has a timer function, and even comes with a remote. Keep it on your bedside table, and you’ll never have to get out from under the covers to adjust the fan again.

At Costco, the Woozoo 5-Speed Globe Fan is just $39.99 in stores, or $46.99 on their website. But if you don’t have a Costco membership, you aren’t out of luck. You can find several models of the brand’s fans on Amazon.

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Courtesy of Iris USA.

Woozoo Globe Multi-Directional 5-Speed Oscillating Fan w/ Remote $46.99

On Amazon, you can find the fan in more colors. This Woozoo Oscillating Vortex Fan comes in light pink, light blue, and black, and also has five speeds, a timer function, and a remote.

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Courtesy of Iris USA.

Woozoo Oscillating Vortex Fan - Pink $66.99

If you just need something simple, they also have this budget-friendly option. It has three speeds, and it’s on a stand, so it’s not quite as versatile when it comes to oscillation, but with 4.7 out of 5 stars from more than 600 reviews, it sounds like it will still get the job done.

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Courtesy of Iris USA.

Woozoo 3-Speed Oscillating Fan $28.99

Whichever fan you choose, your nights are about to be a lot more restful.

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