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Our Place’s Pot Is Now My Most Relied-Upon Cookware & A ‘Perfect Companion’ To The Brand’s Viral Pan

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If I were only allowed to keep one piece of cookware in my kitchen, it would be the Perfect Pot. The makers behind the pan, Our Place, are the very same masterminds who brought us the do-it-all pan that broke the internet: the Always Pan

If you haven’t caught on to what Our Place is up to, allow me to fill you in. The Los Angeles-based company has been rocking the cookware world since 2018, focusing on its commitment to ethical labor, responsible materials, and food access for underserved communities. They make only two pieces of cookware: the Always Pan and the Perfect Pot — each replaces eight pieces of traditional cookware. Best of all, you can snag both for 20 percent off until May 8th at their Spring Super Sale. But considering their popularity, they’re guaranteed to sell out quickly before then. While I own both pieces and use them nightly, I have come to form a special bond with my Perfect Pot. 

The Pot can perform all the same functions as the Pan, but with the added benefit of height from the Pot’s walls, there are endless ways to cook in this powerhouse. Functioning as a saute pan, stock pot, skillet, dutch oven, braiser, plus dozens of other uses, there seems to be no cooking task that the Perfect Pot cannot perform. It even comes with a roasting rack insert that works to crisp anything from roasted beets to golden chicken and doubles as a steamer for stovetop use. Have you ever encountered a pot more suitably named?

Our Place The Perfect Pot

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Image: Our Place. Courtesy of Our Place.
The Perfect Pot $125

The ingenuity behind this Pot extends past its multi-functional qualities. Available in half a dozen subtle and stylish colors, the Perfect Pot is bound to maintain an elegant aesthetic while becoming the most-relied cookware in your kitchen. It’s not just its looks that makes this pan a stunner — it’s almost the same weight as the Always Pan. Clocking in at just over one pound heavier than the Pan (4.3 pounds), waltzing around your kitchen with this beloved piece is far from a workout. Allow me to reassure you, carrying this thing from stovetop to table is a breeze — even when it is filled with a delicious dinner! 

Made with a portion of recycled materials, the Perfect Pot’s base is a sturdy aluminum to which we can attribute the aforementioned lack of heft to. Because it is forged from aluminum, it’s compatible with any stovetop and oven safe up to 450 degrees. The inside of the Pot is made up of a non-toxic ceramic nonstick coating. The silicon dioxide coating has been thoroughly tested to ensure nothing (especially no heavy metals) can pass through its ceramic barrier, free of PFOA, PTFE, and other harmful chemicals. That means that cooking in, and sliding food out of, this Pot is just as easy as it is safe. Oh, and a side note here: never use metal cooking utensils or a super high flame when cooking in this do-it-all Pot, that way you can maintain it for years to come. 

The most important question of all for those of us busy, multi-tasking, home cooks? “What’s the clean-up like?” Because of the Perfect Pot’s ultra-effective nonstick coating, there is no serious scrubbing required. Whether I use the pot to proof and bake a sourdough loaf, whip up some sticky toffee, or roast crispy asparagus, all it truly needs is a gentle wipe down with the soft side of a sudsy sponge, and it’s as good as new. Always make sure the Perfect Pot is warm, not hot, when you begin washing — this will keep its nonstick interior in pristine condition for future use.

The truth is, no matter what you plan to whip up in this ingenious cookware, you won’t be disappointed. Large enough for the whole family and versatile enough to feed just one, the Perfect Pot is, well, truly Perfect.

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