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Shoppers Saw ‘Life-Changing’ Results & ‘Peeled Like a Snake’ After Using This $4 K-Beauty Exfoliator With Over 43,000 Reviews

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TikTok has revitalized our skincare routines, beauty routines, and now, our shower routines. Thanks to TikTok, we’re obsessing over this Korean exfoliating mitt that is supposed to have insane results.

On July 14, 2020, a Tiktoker by the name of @opulentjade or Adrika posted a video of a Korean beauty product she found on Amazon that went insanely viral. In the video, she shows how powerful the exfoliating towel is, letting people see all the dead skin coming off and how smooth she looked afterward. Thousands of customers have also uploaded just as insane results, with many calling it “life-changing.” See why everyone is loving this super-affordable skincare buy below!

Songwol Towel Exfoliating Towel.

Courtesy of Songwol

Songwol Towel Exfoliating Towel $3.99 on

The Songwol Towel Exfoliating Towel is a powerful Korean tool made 100 percent of Viscose Rayon, perfect for gently scrubbing the dead skin off of your body. The $3 tool has instantly become a staple in thousands of people’s households, with over 43,000 positive reviews on Amazon. The four-pack makes it perfect for any shower routine.

Now, using the exfoliating mitt is super easy. After showering with warm water for up to 40 minutes, start to slowly rub the towel up and down to exfoliate. Remove the dead skin cells and apply a lot of lotion. Then welcome the softest skin you may have ever had.

Something to keep in mind is that you should use this powerful tool sparingly. Because it’s so strong, lots of use can irritate the skin. Along with that, the towel may shrink after being soaked in water, but all you have to do is stretch it out.

One Amazon reviewer called it “life-changing,” saying: “I am always on the lookout for a good scrub and could never find one I feel truly works. This mitt does!!… ALL of my body felt really smooth after. Will def keep buying.” Another Amazon reviewer added that it “eliminated” their “keratosis pilaris” saying: “I bought these because I read somewhere they help with keratosis pilaris. I have that on my upper arms and have never found anything that works until now!”

And another shopper added, “I peeled like a snake and I’m so happy about it.” They said, “If you have a lot of dead skin, you have to try these. They work so well and so quickly. I have to stop myself from doing this every day!”

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Image: Costco. Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows.

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