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This Costco Cleaning Set Features Two TikTok-Loved Products In One

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Whenever we’re trying to get up the motivation to deep clean the house, we turn to TikTok to watch #cleanktok cleaning videos. That means we’ve added quite a few TikTok-famous cleaning products to our cleaning arsenal, from mini vacuum cleaners to The Pink Stuff. Our latest obsession has been watching people clean all sorts of things, from bathtubs to grout, with Soft Scrub, and we’ve also been fascinated by the texture-changing properties of the Scrub Daddy. Well, it’s starting to feel like someone at Costco has the same For You Page on TikTok as we do, because they’re now selling a combo pack of Soft Scrub and Scrub Daddy for all of your spring cleaning needs.

The combo pack was discovered by the Instagram account CostcoHotFinds. Costco members can get this deal in stores only. Each package contains two bottles of Soft Scrub Oxi and two of the original Scrub Daddy sponges, and costs $9.99.

If you don’t have a Costco membership (sign up for one here), you can find both of these cult-favorite cleaning products on Amazon.

First up is the Scrub Daddy. This sponge was originally a Shark Tank invention that actually made it to the big times. These days, you can get all kinds of Scrub Daddy sponges for your cleaning needs. The basic model is perfect for doing the dishes and other all-purpose cleaning tasks. The texture turns soft when you’re using warm water, and firms up when you use cold water, meaning all you need to do to scrub away the tough stuff is adjust your water temperature. This 3-pack is color coded, so you can easily keep track of which Scrub Daddy is for the kitchen, which is for the bathroom, etc.

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Courtesy of Scrub Daddy.

Scrub Daddy Sponge Set 3-Pack $9.99

For larger projects, you can try the Big Daddy. This 2-pack includes two large scratch-free scrubbing sponges that feature the same flex texture as the originals, just in a larger size so you can scrub larger areas easily, like the shower.

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Courtesy of Scrub Daddy.

Scrub Daddy Large Sponge 2-Pack $13.99

As for Soft Scrub, this Oxi-boosted formula penetrates stains and lifts them using millions of Oxi scrubber bubbles. It can be used on all sorts of surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom, works wonders on grout, won’t leave scratches, and can be paired with your Scrub Daddy to deep-clean your tub, sink — you name it.

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Courtesy of Soft Scrub.

Soft Scrub Multi-Purpose Cleanser with OXI $13.993.34

If you can’t make it to the store to pick up the Costco Scrub Daddy Soft Scrub combo pack, at least you can get everything you need for your next TikTok-inspired deep clean online, too.

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