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Shoppers Say This $18 Moisturizer Is a ‘Lifesaver’ for Healing ‘Severely Dehydrated, Dry, & Sensitive Skin’

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It’s no secret that we love trying out new skincare products, especially if it has such high ratings across the board. Throughout our research, we found a brand that’s literally named the number one skincare brand in Japan for dry, sensitive skin.

Per the brand, Curel is the number one skincare brand in Japan for dry, sensitive skin, quickly becoming a staple in thousands of people’s routines. With over 30 years of Ceramide research, the brand has a plethora of products to help restore and hydrate your skin to the fullest. But the one we’re obsessing over right now is their Curel Intensive Moisture Cream. Walk, don’t run because the Curel Intensive Moisture Cream is available on rare sale on Amazon.

Curel Intensive Moisture Facial Cream.

Courtesy of Curel

Curel Intensive Face Moisturizer Cream $18.59, originally $30.00 on

The Curel Intensive Moisture Cream is an award-winning cream and nearly five-star moisturizer that deeply nourishes dry, sensitive skin. Made without fragrance or alcohol, this cream is a versatile product that improves the skin’s natural barrier and deeply hydrates all in one.

Per the brand, applying is as simple as can be — all you have to do is “smooth a grape-size amount across the face, starting at the center and moving outward.”

Now, as we said, this product has nearly five stars on both Ulta and Amazon, with many customers calling it their “favorite” and super “healing to their severe dehydrated skin.”

One of the top reviews on Amazon said, “This is definitely the real stuff… I have severely dehydrated, dry, sensitive skin… It’s made my skin so hydrated, glowing, and soft. I noticed it helped even out some redness and some fine lines around my eyes, even a scar between my eyebrows isn’t noticeable anymore… Curel is a fantastic brand, definitely worth the money!”

Another shopper added, said it’s a “Lifesaver. Can’t use any other face creams now.” They added, “The perfect moisturizer for sensitive skin – every time I switch to something else, I end up coming back to this after a few days. Calming, nourishing, non greasy.”

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Image: Alice and Olivia, Look Human. Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows.

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