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I Use This Versatile Le Creuset Grill Pan To Get Through Winter & It Cooks BBQ Just as Good as An Outdoor Grill

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After months of stews, braises, and slow cooks, my body and tastebuds are craving something to brighten what feels like an endless winter. While I wait for those beloved summer months to roll around, what am day-dreaming about? A proper barbecue.

Besides reminding me of warm weather, longer days, and sunshine, making dinner on the grill is, above all, easy. There’s nothing like those sweaty evenings, drinking a marg and throwing sausages on the grill, with friends nearby. Now, while I won’t be wearing a sundress or hosting a group of gals inside any time soon, I have managed to re-create a crucial aspect of the summer bbq: the grill.

Whether you have barbecue buried under a foot of snow or you live in an apartment with no outdoor space, this heavy-duty grill pan from a fan-favorite cookware brand is bound to ease your winter-woes. Available in more than ten colorways, the Le Creuset’s Signature Square Skillet Grill Pan brings a pop of color, and flavor, to any kitchen.

Le Creuset is known far and wide for their superior quality, and this grill pan is no exception. Crafted from the all-star company’s lightest-weight cast iron, this pan retains and distributes heat beautifully. Its enameled cast iron interior is the best of both worlds: While it still maintains the ability to build up flavor and retain seasoning, the surface isn’t fussy or hard to clean like a traditional cast iron pan. The inherently non-stick enamel is designed to withstand an ultra-hot flame, so you won’t have to worry about the pan’s surface as you get the perfect sear at high heat. Unlike other non-stick surfaces, all metal utensils are safe with this cooking wonder. Plus, Square Skillet is compatible with all cooktops and safe to use on broil.

What about those gorgeous colorways I was talking about earlier? Well, the vibrant porcelain enamel that wraps around the sides and bottom of this pan will never chip or crack. These hues will endure all sorts of cooking adventures, lasting for generations to come. Sprouts on both sides of the rim make for the easy draining of excess fat or liquid no matter if you are cooking on the stovetop or in the oven. Oh and did I mention it’s dishwasher safe?

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Le Creuset Square Skillet Grill Pan $169.95 on

I’ve been relying on my handy grill-friend (mine is in the colorway Flame) to help me with easy weeknight dinners for years now. With these short winter days, having a piece of cookware I can depend on to make an entire dinner, with minimal cleanup, is a lifesaver. Whether I’m using it for perfectly seared grill marks on a juicy steak (with some red wine like Ina Garten), tangy chicken for healthy tacos, luscious bbq salmon, or even grilled pizza, I can capture the flavors of summer inside and with ease. Plus, on the days I’m feeling cozy, or in need of a decadent lunch, in less than ten minutes I can whip up a mouth watering panini (or a blackberry brie grilled cheese, sounds delicious right?). An added bonus: when summer finally does arrive, the Signature Skillet works beautifully atop the grill, so you can cook outside without losing any scrumptious morsels to your actual barbecue. Talk about versatility.

Like all Le Creuset cookware, my Signature Skillet has developed the look and feel of a well-loved kitchen essential. This grill pan is just one of those pieces that leaves you wondering how did I ever live without it?

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