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Shoppers Say This $14 Set With Over 23,000 Positive Reviews Is the ‘Best Solution’ for Removing Pet Hair from the Laundry

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As any pet owner knows, pet hair will get everywhere — and we literally mean everywhere. Before being a pet parent, you don’t realize how valuable a lint roller is or anything that gets those pesky pet hairs off of your new jacket. We’ve tried different brushes, rollers, and everything in between. Luckily, we’re Amazon addicts and we came across a little-known product that has been the saving grace for pet parents everywhere.

For less than $15, you can say goodbye to the random clumps of fur that end up all over your laundry. Also, you can say goodbye to the extra time you dedicate to removing the fur and spend that time doing anything else! The simple product is the FurZapper Double Pack Pet Hair Remover for Your Laundry, a number one bestseller on Amazon, with over 24,000 reviews.

The FurZapper Double Pack Pet Hair Remover for Your Laundry is a number one bestseller on Amazon for more reasons than one.

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Courtesy of FurZapper FurZapper.

FurZapper Double Pack Pet Hair Remover for Your Laundry $14.88, originally $23.99 on

The handy silicone tool removes pet hair from your laundry load in both your washer and dryer, and it’s a cinch to use. Simply place it in the washer with your clothes, then in the dryer, and it’ll remove pet hair from clothes and wash it down the drain (it’s got a sticky texture that only sticks to fur, not your clothes). If you have a few pets, you can toss multiple FurZappers in your laundry loads too. Keep in mind that you should hand wash it every few loads (maybe more often if you have more pets) to ensure it works properly. Something else to keep in mind, per the brand, is that you shouldn’t use fabric softener with the FurZapper.

Both reusable and hypoallergenic, this two-pack is good for up to two pets in the household that gathers up all their hair on your work clothes.

Along with saving time handpicking fur off your clothes before tossing in the wash, this tool prevents re-washing, therefore saving on detergent, water, and money in the long run.

As we said, customers from all over have been singing this tool’s praises. One of the top reviews said, “it removed 95% of fur off my dogs’ bedding. I don’t know how the product works as no hair was actually on the FurZapper, but I have [three] short-haired dogs & was tired of their hair clogging my washer and/or leaving hair behind in the dryer only to get on the next load of laundry… But I am glad I took the chance and purchased this item after all. I recommend this item!”

Another shopper added this is the “best solution I’ve found so far,” saying, “they are the best solution I’ve found so far. We have 6 indoor/outdoor cats, so we have plenty of hair to go around. Not 100% effective but I would say my clothing has at least 70-75% less hair after washing and drying with FurZappers.”

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