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Aldi’s New Cookware Looks Exactly Like This Famous Staub Collection

We love a good dupe, but we especially love a good dupe that almost saves us literally hundreds of dollars. So when Aldi put out these adorable Crofton Pumpkin Casserole Dishes on their shelves that have a nearly identical — and way more expensive — Staub Pumpkin Cast Iron Cocotte doppelganger from Williams-Sonoma, it was a no-brainer that we’d have to check ‘em out for ourselves.

The pumpkin-shaped casserole dishes from Aldi are manufactured by Crofton Cookware, which should look pretty familiar to anyone else who is also obsessed with perusing the kitchen appliance aisle at their local store. The Crofton Pumpkin Casserole Dishes at Aldi are available in regular, small and miniature sizes. The larger-sized, 2-quart dish is priced at a respectable $14.99, and it’s a very affordable $8.99 for either a single small dish (0.8-quart) or a pack of two miniature ones that are each 0.4-quarts. These inexpensive Aldi versions come in a shiny orange or muted white color — and they’re safe to throw in the dishwasher, microwave and oven.

Now let’s take a look at the famous Staub Pumpkin Cast Iron Cocottes sold by Williams-Sonoma. To be honest, you can barely tell the difference. While it’s on sale at the home goods store for $229.95, the original price of this pumpkin cocotte is an alarming $429! Just like the Aldi version, you can order this cast iron dish in either orange or white. You can only find this one in a 3.5-quart size, though.

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Image: Courtesy of Staub.

Staub Pumpkin $229.99

If you’re unconcerned with the fact that the Aldi pumpkin dishes are high-fired ceramic with a scratch-proof glaze and the swankier Williams-Sonoma Staub brand is made from cast iron, we think it’s safe to say you can save yourself some serious cash by investing in Aldi’s Staub dupe.

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