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Advent Calendars for Dogs & Cats Are Back at Trader Joe’s for a Steal

Is it possible to have too many advent calendars? Absolutely not — especially when they’re for your pets. And over at Trader Joe’s, they’re popular Advent Calendar for Dogs and Advent Calendar for Cats are back in stock for a steal, just in time to spoil your furry children this holiday season.

“The doggy and kitty cat advent calendars are also in ($5.99 each)!!!!!” writes Trader Joe’s Obsessed on Instagram. And we’re just as excited.

Available for just $5.99 each, Trader Joe’s two returning advent calendars includes 25 individually wrapped treats for dogs and cats.

“Our Advent Calendar for Dogs and our Advent Calendar for Cats fit this need purrrr-fectly!” Trader Joe’s writes.

The Advent Calendar for Dogs, specifically, boasts salmon and sweet potato grain-free dog treats. According to Trader Joe’s, the treats break down to be 60 percent antibiotic-free smoked Scottish salmon and 40 percent sweet potato.

“The treats come in a few different shapes and are even tailored to your pets particular palates,” Trader Joe’s says.

The Advent Calendar for Cats, on the other hand, features 25 days’ worth of delicious salmon-seaweed treats for your feline friend. More specifically, the cat treats are 60 percent antibiotic-free Atlantic salmon and 40 percent dried seaweed.

“If you’re the proud parent of a precious pooch or a fantastic feline, you know how fast furry friends can become family. And don’t our pets deserve holiday treats just like the rest of us? We think so, doggonit!” Trader Joe’s writes.

Image: Trader Joe’s.

The advent calendars don’t end there at Trader Joe’s, either.

At TJ’s this holiday season, you’ll also find an assortment of Chocolate Advent Calendars for the low, low price of $0.99 each. And while Trader Joe’s has sold Chocolate Advent Calendars since the ’90s, each year, the designs are always new. The best part is each whimsical, wintry design is designed by TJ’s very own package designers.

“And each one offers 24 ready-to-be-opened windows that house 24 ready-to-be-eaten chocolates. And this isn’t throwaway chocolate here, folks!” Trader Joe’s raves.

Oh, and did we mention the chocolates are made with cocoa butter?

See y’all at TJ’s!

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