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The Cutest Halloween Cookie Decorating Kits Have Been Spotted at Costco

If it’s 90+ degrees where you are, it may seem like Halloween is a million days away, but we are happy to tell all you ghost-and-goblin lovers it’s closer than you might think! In just about a month, it will be totally acceptable to break out all your spookatacular decorations, plan your epic Halloween costumes, and start stocking up on candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters. And, of course, you can start baking and decorating adorableness to serve up to family and friends. Or, thanks to these cute Halloween cookie decorating kits just spotted at Costco, you can skip to the baking and head straight to the fun, creative part!

Instagrammer Brittany (aka @loavesandlittles) was perusing the aisles at her local Costco when she spied the kits, which literally made her daughter go “Oooh!” Mom was also excited, noting it was “Halloween cookie decorating kit for lazy people like myself.”

Love her honesty! We don’t think it’s lazy it all, though. Maybe just practical, considering how much we all have to do, right?

Lazy loaded image
Image: loavesandlittles/Instagram.


For just $9.69, the box comes with premade cookies, frosting and sprinkles. Based on the graphics on the kit, you’ll be able to make a bright orange jack-o-lantern, a sweet black cat, and a cute white ghost.

“Can we buy it?” Brittany’s daughter is heard asking cutely.

Yeah, mom, can we buy it? We’re responding with a resounding yes! And we think Brittany should, too. Easy Halloween cookie decorating is a no-brainer (brain-eating zombie costumes not required).

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

Lazy loaded image

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