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Aldi’s 3-Wick Fall Candles Are Here & There’s Tons of Scents to Choose From

We may technically still be enjoying the final days of summer, but we can already smell fall — thanks to Aldi’s latest batch of fall-scented candles. Available this week at Aldi stores (and for a very limited time), Aldi’s four new 3-wick candles will give you major curl-up-with-a-throw-and-sip-on-cider vibes.

“I walked into Aldi yesterday and I have never seen so many candles in my life,” writes Aldi Favorite Finds, who spotted rows upon rows of candles at their local Aldi store. “There was an entire skid of fall candles and then hundreds already on the shelf as well. Dozens and dozens of boxes of fall candles.”

Available or just $3.99 each, the new Huntington Home 3-wick candles are available in a handful of intoxicating scents, from everyone’s fall fruit scents to cologne-scented. The scents include Thankful Grateful Blessed, Pear Chestnut & Teak, Pumpkin Apple Fritter, and Fall Flannel Shirt.

Image: Aldi.

“Let me just tell you that one of these candles sent me down memory lane so fast back to high school, back to cheap 90s cologne, back to a time when my hormones actually were in good working condition,” Aldi Favorite Finds writes of the latter (Fall Flannel Shirt).

Much like Bath & Body Works candles, Aldi’s candles boast soy blend and three wicks for maximum scent release. Plus, both brands feature similar fall scents, including Flannel (a more cologne-like scent) and Pumpkin Apple. Unlike Bath & Body Works, however, Aldi’s candles cost a fraction of the price; and because of this, they practically fly off the shelves — so act fast!

Before you go, check out these candles that are guaranteed to mask even the toughest scents:

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