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How to Stay Hydrated While Traveling, Because Travel Dehydration Is a Real Thing

More people are traveling than ever before after sheltering in place for many months. If you’re one of those people, you may want to consider revisiting your travel list to-dos (after all, it has been awhile), and adding hydration to the top because whether you’re going on a road trip or doing a weekend getaway, travel dehydration is a real thing and you definitely don’t want it to ruin your vacation.

But why exactly is dehydration during travel so prevalent? Well, the answer is actually quite simple. “With air travel, one of the things to keep in mind with hydration is that the humidity within the plane is very low,” Stavros Kavouras, Assistant Dean and Professor and the Director of the Hydration Science Lab at Arizona State University tells SheKnows. “As a response, you end up losing a lot of fluids without even knowing it. So, it’s critical to try to stay hydrated and pay more attention, especially on long flights.” Read below for our tips on how to stay hydrated while traveling, so you can enjoy your fun in the sun without dehydration on your mind.

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Bring Your Own Water Bottle

When traveling, Professor Kavouras recommends a BYOB (bring your own bottle) approach. “You’re not allowed to carry liquids through the security check so if you have your own bottle you can fill it up anytime you want,” he says. “It’s both environmentally smart, safe and a good way to travel. Also, if you have water with you, it will facilitate that process of staying better hydrated.”

If you’re in need of a bottle to bring with you while traveling, you can easily make a stylish statement with your hydration gear, too! Let Stanley’s wide-ranging selection, of beautiful hues help accessorize your summer outfits and bring a pop of color to your summer travels. The 20-ounce IceFlow™ Flip Straw Tumbler is a great option as it comes in a variety of brilliant colors, and has a built-in flip straw and fully leakproof design. Plus, if you’re planning on taking a long flight or road trip, having a bottle that has double-wall vacuum insulation like this one will help keep your drink icy cold for hours.

How to prevent travel dehydration

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Another option is the 22-ounce Stanley IceFlow Flip Straw Water Bottle. It’s designed to keep up with all your activities, including traveling as it also includes a built-in straw that flips up for a quick drink, then snaps tight to stay fully leakproof (even when tossed in your bag). It has a rotating handle that makes it easy to hold while on the go, and keeps drinks cold for hours so you don’t have to worry about drinking lukewarm water on a long flight.

How to stay hydrated while traveling

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Avoid Heat Stress

In the hot summer months, it’s especially common for people to become dehydrated after spending all day in the sun or exercising outside. To avoid this and ensure you stay hydrated during your beach vacation or workout, make sure you have your Stanley tumbler, jug or water bottle on-hand. Whether you’re working out on the beach or laying out by the ocean, having one nearby can help you remember to drink water, so you don’t have to worry about being dehydrated.

Practice Good Water Hygiene

As a parent, you’re probably more hyperaware of germs than most, which is why getting an individual water bottle for each family member may be the way to go. Doing this can help prevent germs from spreading as with a reusable water bottle, there’s no need to rely on shared water sources. Plus, when you choose a Stanley bottle you’re also getting a flip straw, which flips closed for improved hygiene.

Cut Back on Caffeine

For people taking long road trips across the country, they tend to drink more caffeine in order to stay awake and remain alert. But while it may prevent you from falling asleep, it doesn’t help you stay hydrated. “If you have multiple coffees and potentially some caffeinated beverages, then you might end up consuming a large amount of caffeine, which could lead to a diuretic effect,” says Professor Kavouras. “Try to avoid going over two to three coffees a day.”

Professor Kavouras notes that water doesn’t have to be the only beverage to keep you hydrated. There are a lot of water alternatives that can help do the trick — you just need to make sure you have an ample amount. That’s why the Stanley IceFlow Flip Straw Jug is the perfect hydration accessory to bring with you while you travel. It comes in bright, summery colors and fits 40 ounces, has a built-in straw that flips up for clean, fresh sipping and features a rugged handle and built-in fence hook, which provides portability and convenience.

How to stay hydrated while you travel

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Or, if you prefer, a smaller option, the Stanley IceFlow Flip Straw Tumbler works wonderfully too. Although smaller, it still fits a large amount (30 ounces) and is designed with a built-in flip straw for easy sipping. It fits comfortably in most vehicle cup holders, includes a folding handle that lets you quickly grab and go and also comes in bright colors perfect for summer travel.

How to stay hydrated while traveling

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Watch for Signs of Dehydration

One way to tell if you’re drinking enough fluids is to simply keep note of the signs of dehydration. “It’s important to keep an eye on your biomarkers,” says Professor Kavouras. “You know how your body behaves. You don’t have to worry about wearable technology or do fancy stuff.” Some of the signs include dark urine, headache, dizziness and fatigue. If you find yourself experiencing any of these symptoms, try to make an effort to drink more throughout the day, which any of Stanley’s brightly colored hydrated accessories can help with!

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