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The One Decor Trend Joy Cho Is Completely Over

If you know anything about Joy Cho, it’s probably that she loves to design with color. The blogger, author, and founder of graphic design studio Oh Joy! loves color so much, she even gave Bounty paper towels a colorful makeover recently. Since summer is a celebration of color, we figured it was a great time to sit down with Joy Cho to discuss everything from her favorite summer entertaining essentials to the design trend that she’s completely over.

Ahead, you’ll find Cho’s tips for hosting simmer get-togethers, household essentials and even some ideas to help you make your kitchen more eco-friendly.

SheKnows: As the most followed person on Pinterest, what are some of the Pinterest decor trends you’re most excited about for summer?

Joy Cho: I feel like this past year people have spent a lot more time in their homes, obviously, and we’re starting to reemerge from like what this last year was. So I think a lot of it is really, you know, not something that’s so unique from other years, but really just celebrating the color, celebrating the fact that we can go and explore again, you know, traveling, things like that. So I sort of think there’s a lot of bringing inspiration from life and being outside and exploring, coming back into our homes and people being excited about color because they can actually sort of not only bring it into their homes, but also get to sort of like see it again out in the world. And I know that’s sort of a vague answer, but I just feel like I don’t know right now. The summer to me is the year of celebration. It’s the year of, like, not necessarily trying to be so specific like this has to be this way and this has to be that way. But just sort of celebrating the fact that that life is creeping back toward normalcy. So bringing that joy into our home as well, right?

SK: What are a few of the things you always make sure to keep fully stocked in your home?

JC: Paper towels. I mean, especially with all of the messes, the kids being at home and just needing to quickly clean up things. I have a new puppy. You know, there are so many instances where you just need to, like, have a quick way to clean things up easily. And then, you know, like there are things sort of like our favorite mugs, storage containers. I’m super into organizing and I think a lot of people got into it too during Covid. We just sort of all went a little bit crazy. But making sure we have all those things that really do help things, they stay in shape.

SK: What would you say are your top 3 summer entertaining essentials?

JC: I think a great set of outdoor plates that come in like a fun mix and match patterns. Our paper towels — great for outdoors. And then I think it’s like a great a great summer beverage. I’m not a big drinker, but just the idea of like, whether that’s a really great homemade lemonade or some sort of special punch or just something that everybody in the whole family will enjoy. And for the adults, you can always add a little extra something in there, too, if you want.

SK: I’m super curious to hear if there are any home design trends or styles that you are just completely over?

JC: Oh, my gosh, I think my answer is going to be super unpopular, but I’m going to tell you. I think because I am a fan of color and pattern and I sort of bring that boldness, I have a really hard time with sort of like a very neutral farmhouse style. I get it, I guess. I get why it appeals to a lot of people because it feels like, you know, a way to bring a look together and it probably goes with a lot of different styles, but the lack of color is really hard for me. I feel like it’s missing something. So that is one that I am not a huge fan of.

SK: Do you have any tips or favorite ways to make a kitchen more eco-friendly? 

JC: I will use cloth napkins for dinner when we’re having our meal, but then there are also some instances where paper towels make sense because they are actually quicker. You can use less of them because Bounty paper towels absorb twice as fats. And when you have things that are really dirty or greasy and messes that you just need to clean up, I think it’s sort of like taking a look at what you do and what you don’t need and implementing what makes sense for you and knowing that it’s OK to have a few different ways to be able to, you know, keep your kitchen clean and sustainable and all that stuff. And I think more than anything, people have the pressure on themselves to sort of be all or nothing. And it doesn’t have to be like that. Like you can mix different sustainable options into your life.







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