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How to Get Your Dream Mudroom or Home Office — Without Moving or Remodeling

Chances are, when you first moved into your home, it fit like a glove. But as life has changed, your family has grown, and a whole lot of stuff has accumulated, that once perfectly proportioned space may now feel a wee bit snug — or downright stifling. If only you had a mudroom or an office to call your own. Without renovating your house (or moving to a new one entirely), those coveted spaces can seem like fantasies unlikely to come to fruition. But here’s where a professional — particularly one from Home Services from The Home Depot — can help. Their home organization experts can help you create the rooms you’ve always wanted from space you never thought you had. Whether it’s a forgotten bedroom corner or part of your garage, here are four ways a design consultant can pave a path to bring those bonus spaces to life.

1. They’ll create space where there was none

The biggest misconception is that you need a whole new space or an entire room for a mudroom or an office. “I’ve created mudrooms out of hallways, garages, and laundry rooms, and turned tiny corners of bedrooms and even parts of closets into offices,” says Patricia Wiley, design consultant and home organization specialist for The Home Depot. It’s all about using the right design, features, and accessories. The beauty of working with a professional from The Home Depot’s Home Services is they can perform the kind of maximization magic that’s just not possible if you go it alone. “We come in with a fresh view of a space and find ways to use it to its potential that you might never have imagined,” she says. “It’s easy to mess up if you do it yourself. By taking the wrong measurements or buying pieces that are too big for the room, you could end up having less space than what you started with.”

 2. They’ll fine tune the look using professional design tools

When you go with The Home Depot’s Home Organization Services, you have the advantage of a design consultant who will customize every detail to reflect your wants. The first step is to book a complimentary consultation — which can be done in the comfort of your home or via a virtual chat. Your design consultant will help you zero in on the area of your home that has potential, take measurements, and give you an estimate. By using a 3-D design tool, the designer can mockup a 3-D rendering of what the space will look like as a mudroom or office based on the dimensions, your needs and your style. “We are spatial designers and know how to look at the stuff you have and how it will fit — and then design accordingly,” explains Wiley.

 3. They’ll customize to fit your life

With spaces like offices and mudrooms, storage considerations are key. “It’s about using any space and making it functional,” continues Wiley. A primary benefit of using professional designers like the ones offered through The Home Depot’s Home Services is that everything is fabricated according to the specifications needed before it’s installed, so the design is completely custom. Plus, clients can choose from hundreds of options for configurations and features. Even a fusty garage can become an inspired space with the right design, detailing, and installation: Wiley once mounted multi-purpose slat walls that mirror shiplap yet offer a durable and efficient way to hang everything from garden tools to bikes. She’s transformed hallways into mudrooms by using benches with storage bins underneath and cubbies up above, and even created offices in existing closets (amid hanging racks and all) by adding a desk to scale and strategically placed shelving.

 4. They’ll add the finishing touches

While mudrooms and offices are often more about function than form, luxurious finishes level them up. Through The Home Depot’s certified, local professionals, you can choose wood and grain textures, tones like sophisticated neutrals and metallics, architectural details such as traditional crown molding, and an array of built-in shelving from wall-hung closet systems to floor-mounted units. The little things absolutely do make a huge difference! And thanks to a smooth streamlined process, in just four-to-six weeks, your dream space is signed, sealed and installed — without you ever having to lift a finger. So much easier than moving, right?

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