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Aldi’s Selling a Variety of Easy-to-Grow Plants for Summer

You can never — never! — have too many plants, and at Aldi, you can stock up on a variety of easy-to-maintain plants for cheap.

Available for a limited time, Aldi‘s selling Daylily, Coreopsis and Hosta plants for $5.49 each. Even better, these particular plants are great for people who might not have the greenest of thumbs (me).

“I have almost 50 hosta plants of all varieties and I love them so much,” writes Aldi Favorite Finds on Instagram. “They are such an easy plant and they get bigger each year.”

Let’s start with Coreopsis, bright perennials that are also known as tickseed. Coreopsis plants are not only very adaptable, but they’re also low-maintenance and easy to grow. Plus, they’re drought tolerant and have an extremely long bloom season — from early summer to fall, possibly longer.

As for Daylillies, these vibrant, carefree beauties are even easier to care for. They a) tolerate a wide variety of soil conditions, but they’re are so low maintenance, they’ll bloom for years with, as puts it, “virtually no attention.” Now, that’s a plant we can get behind. Plus, the plant’s botanical name, Hemerocallis, translates to “beauty for a day” because most of the flowers open in the morning and die by nightfall. How poetic.

Image: Aldi.

Do keep in mind, though, that Daylillies are dangerous and potentially life-threatening to cats. When cats ingest even the smallest amount, it could lead to severe, acute kidney failure. So, we recommend skipping picking up this particular plant from Aldi if you have any cats at home.

Image: Aldi.

And finally, we have Hosta plants, a reliable and easy-to-grow perennial that doesn’t require much sunlight. In the early summer to early fall, the plant grows gorgeous flowers in various shades, including light blue, lavender, pink, and white. They’re also loved by hummingbirds and bees, so expect to see those critters lingering around the garden.

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