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Trader Joe’s Is Selling the Cutest Planters for Mother’s Day

The month of May kickstarts a whole slew of celebrations: Mother’s Day, graduations — even baby showers and bridal showers. And, in our book, one of the best — and easiest — gifts for all of these occasions is flowers and a framed picture. Apparently, Trader Joe’s agrees, because you can buy just that at its stores this month: adorable planters paired with picture frames.

Spotted on Trader Joe’s Instagram fan account, Trader Joe’s Obsessed, these planters are available in a few different prints, and you have your pick of either pink or white calandivas. They also boast different quotes, like “Love you, mom,” “You’re the best,” and “Thank you.”

“These planters are soooooooo adorable and yes you can fit a picture inside!” Trader Joe’s Obsessed captioned their post. “They could also be used as teacher ‘thank you’ gifts or baby/bridal shower favors. Who wants one??”

We do.

They’re incredibly inexpensive, too, available for $5.99 each.

As seen in Trader Joe’s Obsessed’s post, the mini, black-and-white planters are far from Trader Joe’s only must-have plants. Trader Joe’s is also selling large fern grotto plants in chic marble-printed planter for just $8.99 each. They also have sunflower grow kits for $6.99 each, and gorgeous potted hydrangea’s for $8.99 each. You can even pick up bundles of daffodils for the low, low price of $1.79 each.

And it doesn’t end there.

Trader Joe’s also has a variety of small succulents for sale for $2.99 each and succulents planted in an eco-friendly pot for $4.99 each. And if your home is in dire need of some fresh foliage, Trader Joe’s has those, too, for $5.99 each. You can also pick up bouquets for cheap; we’re talking a dozen roses for less than $10.

In other words, you’re about to spend your entire paycheck at Trader Joe’s garden section alone this weekend — and we don’t blame you one bit.

Before you go, check out all of the Trader Joe’s products you can shop right at Walmart:

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