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Costco’s Giant Planters Are the Bright Pop of Color Your Backyard Needs

We all know the struggle of trying to find creative ways to bring color to our backyards in the summer, especially when you’re looking for a quick fix that won’t break the bank. My go-to is always to add tons of bright flowers to the yard. It adds a cheery element and there are so many plant options that thrive in the warm weather. Once you have the plant, you need the perfect pot. That can be a difficult process, but Costco has our backyard covered this summer. They are no stranger to gardening products. Some of our favorites are sold at Costco like concrete planters, gardening clogs, and even a self-watering garden bed.  Their latest product has us excited really excited about decorating outside. It’s a giant bright blue ceramic planter, perfect for adding that much-needed pop of color to your backyard.

The popular Instagram account @costco_empties shared the cool find, writing, “I’ve admired these gorgeous blue ceramic planters for a couple of years, and I think this year I should finally grab them! I bought similar ones in white a few years ago that I adore and they’ve held up beautifully.”

The price point will probably shock you on this because it totally surprised us. They’re only $39.99. Yes, you heard that right. These are seriously such a steal. Not only do they look cool, but they’re functional too. They are weather-resistant, frost-resistant, and can hold up to 40 dry quarts.

We have a feeling these are going to sell fast due to their low price. Definitely run to your local Costco to pick a couple of these up. We know they’ll add that little extra pizazz to brighten up your outdoor backyard adventures.

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