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Costco is Selling a Chic & Modern Statement Planter For an Amazing Price

It may be easy to find a cute planter for your succulents, but it’s quite a struggle finding pots for your bigger plants that are stylish and won’t break the bank. If you’ve picked up a lavender tree from Costco, you were lucky enough to have it pre-potted. However, their avocado trees (yes, they are actually selling those) didn’t come with a decorative planter. So if you don’t have a pretty pot that fits your big growing plants, you’re in luck. Costco is now selling a massive modern planer that will make a statement in your yard this year and it’s at an amazing price.

The popular Instagram account @costcosisters shared the find, writing, “Beautiful big planter! Add some pretty flowers/plant or try making it into a water fountain!🤩”

You will seriously not believe the price on these. They’re only $50 and look incredible. Talk about a steal. The concrete ridged design is so modern and will make any backyard that much more chic. We think these would look great lining a back patio. It’s those small details that make a backyard come to life, and these planters add a pop to any outdoor space. It’s a little over two feet tall and one foot wide, making it great for your larger plant babies.

We have a feeling these are going to sell fast due to their great price. Make sure to head to your local Costco fast if you want to pick these up. You’ll love the way they add a little extra spice to your backyard.

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