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Costco Is Selling Solar String Lights to Give Your Patio That Festive Look

Who doesn’t love those lazy summer nights with the gals drinking wine on the porch as the sun goes down? Warm weather means lots of time outside and as spring approaches we can’t help but get excited about all the amazing outdoor products we’ve seen at Costco like their patio swing, convertible beach chair cart, and gas fire pits (even portable ones). What’s the newest find? It’s something to enhance those warm nights when all you want to do is mingle outside. This product will literally brighten those late-night chats. They’re now selling solar-powered string lights to jazz up your porch. The best part? They don’t even have to be plugged in.

The popular account @costcosisters shared these cool lights writing, “Still looking for string lights?💡 These @sunforceproducts are solar-powered and don’t need to be plugged in!☀️”

At around $40 for 35 feet of lights, that is quite a steal. Costco fans seem to be loving it with one even commenting, “I have these same ones all over my backyard fence. They are so beautiful and stay lit for hours! Highly recommend.” With a review like that, how could we not want to buy these? We love how you can literally string these anywhere, even if you don’t have an outlet. They really can transform any outdoor space. From a tree to a balcony, they brighten those spaces and make socializing at night that much more fun.

Grab these yourself from your local Costco and see what everyone loves about the solar-powered string lights.

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