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Costco Is Selling a Comfy Lounge Chair That Converts Into a Cart To Easily Transport Beach Toys

Every mom knows the struggle of getting to the beach on vacation. Lathering the kids up with sunscreen, loading the car up, and uncomfortably lugging all the chairs and toys through the sinking sand is never an easy task. If you love Costco as much as we do, you’ve probably discovered that they have some amazing outdoor furniture. From their gas fire pit to their memory foam mats, there’s something for everyone. Their latest release has already become our new holy-grail beach product. It’s a lounger that converts into a rolling cart. That means no more uncomfortable treks to the beach. Anything to make beach transportation and clean-up easier is a win in our books.

The popular Instagram account @costcosisters shared the amazing find with followers writing, “They really said work SMARTER not HARDER! 👏🏽👏🏽 Perfect for park days, the beach, lake or anything!”

The chair is super lightweight and can hold up to 100 pounds as a cart. That’s a lot of toys! The price point is also great. It’s $80 and for a chair and beach cart all in one, you just can’t beat that. The thick wheels help it easily cruise through sand, something we sometimes even struggle do on foot.

A chair that can make trips to the beach less stressful? Yeah, we are going to buy this one ASAP. You are going to want to run, not walk, to your local Costco to pick one of these up. We have a strong feeling it’s going to fly off the shelves.

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