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Trader Joe’s Is Selling Plants Shaped Like Shamrocks & They’re Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day

When we think of Saint Patrick’s Day, we think of corned beef, shamrocks, and of course, every green food under the sun. One thing we don’t think of is cacti shaped like shamrocks but now it’s something we feel like we need in our lives. Trader Joe’s released these cute little plants in celebration of the holiday and honestly, we aren’t even surprised. They’re known for their unique products like everything but the bagel chips and almond butter-covered almonds. But their plants are a hidden gem. We can’t help but think how cute that shamrock cactus would look at our Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations. They would also make an amazing little gift for your kids in celebration of the holiday.

The popular Instagram account @traderjoesobsessed shared the fun plant with followers writing, “SUNDAY Plants and Flowers 🌵 🪴 🌸! How cute are these lucky 🍀 shamrock or vibrant red and pink cacti 👏🏻 !”

If you are a TJ’s fan like us, then you know how amazing their plant deals are. The shamrock cacti are only $5.99 and come in adorable pots.

Fans of the store made sure to share their love of TJ’s plants in the comments. One wrote, “Still have an orchid, alive and thriving from last year.” Another chimed in with, “Arguably the best part of TJs.” Of all the plants that they posted, the shamrock cacti are definitely our favorite at the moment. I mean, what’s not to love?

Seriously, if you haven’t bought any of their plants before, you’re totally missing out. They last a very long time and are at an amazing price point. Check these little festive guys out on your next TJ’s run.

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