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Costco Is Selling a Memory Foam Lounger That’s Perfect for Relaxing Outdoors

Spring is so close we can practically taste it, and we’re already dreaming of all the outdoor activities we’ll be doing once the weather gets warmer. Reading in the backyard, having a picnic in a park, heading to the beach, camping, porch-front yoga… we’re up for all of it — just get us outside, stat. And in anticipation of afternoons spent at the park, we’re planning on picking us this latest find from Costco: Novaform’s reversible memory foam roll-out loungers. They’re the comfortable mats we need in our lives ASAP.

The popular Instagram account @costcosisters shared the find with their followers, writing, “This @novaformcomfort memory foam roller looks perfect for those park days!🌳 Lay it out and soak up some of the sun!☀️”

We wanna soak up all of the sun on these comfy, colorful mats. We have a feeling they’ll become a staple in our households during the summer months, especially for outdoor date-night. Why sit on the grass or on a plain old blanket when you can lounge on a twin-size, 2-inch thick memory foam mattress? The colorful covers are durable and machine washable, so they’re outdoor-friendly; they’re also easy to carry as they roll up and come with a convenient shoulder strap.

Beyond the park, we’re already imagining using these mats to make camping trips more comfortable — not to mention the convenience of having an extra mattress for overnight guests (someday, kid-sleepovers will happen again!)

At $60 a mat, these are totally worth it getting a Costco membership if you don’t already have one!


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