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Aldi Is Selling Adorable Succulents That Double as Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts

Sure, finding Valentine’s Day gifts for your husband or children is easy, but finding the perfect gift for co-workers or friends you aren’t super close with can get complicated. Sure, you could get candy, but if you are looking for a last-minute gift that is a little bit elevated head to Aldi’s to pick up their latest release. Aldi has given us amazing plants in the past and they just dropped four dollar succulents that come in colorful pots that we think are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Succulents are a great gift as they are super low maintenance and easy to take care of (and look adorable in anyone’s home).

Aldi announced the new product on their official Instagram account writing, “The perfect plant companion is cute and low maintenance. Lucky for you, these . . . check both boxes! Only $3.99!”

Don’t these look like a million bucks? The planters they come in are so cheery and bright, something we all could use after this past year. Aldi categorized the three little plants in a slideshow labeling them different names; the adventurous one, the life of the party and the romantic.

Aldi fans are already loving these, one fan wrote “My Aldi plant companion keeps me warm on cold nights; it keeps my spirit nourished, not unlike how the incredible deals at Aldi keep my body nourished.” That is quite a high praise. Another wrote, “low maintenance ones! Maybe I could actually handle these 😅🤣.” Shoppers seem excited about the cuteness and easy care these little friends need to survive and thrive.

Definitely head to your local Aldi to pick these up before Valentine’s Day because we have a feeling they will sell out fast.

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