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Learn Martha Stewart’s Favorite Card Game For Passing The Time In Quarantine

It seems like we’ve all be stuck inside for ages, and now that it’s winter, it’s even harder to find safe ways to go out and about when we’re feeling bored. Even stars like Martha Stewart get bored in quarantine now and then, and though we’ve definitely started cooking more often, and more elaborate food at that, sometimes we need a different hobby to fill the time. That’s where Gozo comes in. We’d never heard of this simple card game for three people, but apparently, it’s Stewart’s favorite. All you need is a two decks of cards (Stewart opts for this sparkly set) and some willing adversaries – a table full of snacks wouldn’t hurt, either!

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So, what is Gozo? According to Stewart, it’s “A simple but fun game, strategic and fast, complicated at times especially when a player gets confused and tries too many moves and cannot complete the action and has to put everything back in order.” She loves it so much, she even laid down the rules in her health and wellness book Living the Good Long Life.

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The rules of Gozo are similar to those of Rummy. If you’re not familiar, here’s how Stewart explained the rules of the game in her Instagram post (edited for punctuation).

  1. Shuffle two decks of cards, no jokers.
  2. Deal ten cards to each player.
  3. Dealer goes first. Up to five cards may be picked up every turn. To begin play each player must “meld” by putting down at least three cards – a run of the same card, each different, or a sequence, same type. For example, three aces, all different, or a two, three, four of clubs, etc. Once a player melds, he is able to play the table – add to a run or a placement, borrow a card to create another run, but always leaving three cards in a group. The OBJECT of the game is to get rid of one’s cards as quickly as possible. And to pass the action to the next player, you must say GOZO.

We won’t lie, reading the instructions for a card game without seeing it in person can geel a little confusing, but once you start playing, it all makes sense. You can read more about the game in Stewart’s book.

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