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Costco’s Affordable 3-Pack of Succulents Is Back & They Come in the Cutest Pots

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Some of the most cult-favorite Costco items are like ships at a port. Some of them stick around longer than others, some leave never to be seen again, and some return after long absences. Kind of poetic for Costco, but ask anyone with a membership and they’re likely to get a little misty-eyed when talking about their fave big box discount retailer, too. Well, one of our favorite Costco items has finally just returned to port, and this year, it’s better than ever: Costco’s succulent 3-packs are back, and they’re even cheaper than before.

In years past, Costco’s succulent 3-packs cost $19.99. But this year, they’ve returned with a slightly lower price: $18.99, according to Instagram Costco fan account CostcoBuys. It’s not a huge decrease in price, but with inflation being what it is, every dollar saved counts!

One of the reasons why we love these succulents so much is that they come in really cute pots. You’ll get three different designs in each pack, and though they don’t match-match, they’re all coordinated. They planters feature black and white designs ranging from flowers to abstract swirls, and each 5″ pot holds a different succulent variety.

They can be placed indoors or outdoors, though in colder climates, you’ll want to bring your succulents indoors in the fall. The 3-pack makes a great gift, too, or you can keep one for yourself and give the other two plants away. Friendship bracelets? Try friendship echeveria instead!

Prices and selection may vary depending on what Costco you go to, but keep your eyes peeled for this seasonal Costco plant deal at a store near you.

No Costco membership? We’ve got you covered.

The pots might not be as cute, but this 5-pack of live succulents on Amazon is another great deal. You can put them in separate decorative pots, or cluster them in one large planter for a statement-making plant display. This live succulent 5-pack is only $19.46.

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Courtesy of Plants for Pets.

Succulent Plants (5 Pack) $19.46

Either way, it looks like this is the time of year to stock up on affordable succulents for your home and garden.

Before you go, check out our gallery on the best houseplants available at Costco. 

A version of this article was originally published in January 2021.

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