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Martha Stewart Shared a Genius Hack for Taking Down Your Christmas Tree With No Mess

The holiday season is nearly over, which means it’s time for our Christmas tree to come down soon, too. Though we secretly wish we could keep our festive decor and holiday music year-round, all good things must come to an end. The only thing more unfortunate than having to dismantle the Christmas tree is having to clean up the mess that comes with taking down said tree leaves. All those dried needles! Luckily, Martha Stewart has a pro tip on how to take down your Christmas tree with no mess — and you’ll want to implement this genius hack immediately.

“All you need is an old bed sheet,” wrote Stewart on Facebook — which sounds promising to say the least. Before you start following the lifestyle mogul’s guide, you’ll want to safely set aside all of the ornaments and lights along with anything else you’ve adorned your tree with.

Yep, there’s an extremely easy way to avoid the mess of a bazillion stay needles scattered on your floor in a trail out the door — and it really is a game-changer. As explained in the article on, all you need is a bed sheet.

Of course, you could really avoid the mess altogether by putting up an artificial Christmas tree, as some commenters pointed out. But that advice won’t help anyone with a fresh (but quickly drying-out) tree this year, or die-hards who refuse to fake it. So use this tip to save yourself — and your vacuum — from least one dreaded step of the Christmas tree-removal process.

Find the details in An Editor’s Trick to Taking Down a Christmas Tree Without the Mess.

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