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Martha Stewart Is Releasing a New Book & We’ve Got All the Details You’re Dying to Know

It’s no secret we live by The Word of Martha Stewart. The living guru is and will always be our go-to for all things cooking, decorating, holiday entertaining — you name it. So, you can only imagine our excitement when we found out Stewart is this close to releasing her latest — and 98th — book, Martha Stewart’s Very Good Things: Clever Tips and Genius Ideas for an Easier and More Enjoyable Life. And when we say “close,” we mean next-month close.

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On sale Jan. 5, Very Good Things is basically a deep dive into Stewart’s pristine, meticulous home-expert brain — an encyclopedia of all things Stewart, if you will. Over the course of 288 pages, she shares all of her best “good things” and expertise in a variety of areas, including cooking, decorating, home keeping, organizing, entertaining, and celebrating. Readers will have access to hundreds of clever tips, solutions, and easy ways to, as Stewart’s camp puts it, “elevate the everyday from America’s most trusted lifestyle authority, all in one must-have handbook.”

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“I clearly recall when ‘it’s a good thing’ became my personal catchphrase, back in the early ’90s,” Stewart wrote in the introduction of the soon-to-be-released book. “I had just painted the handles of my gardening hand tools a bright orange, so they could not possibly be lost in the chaos of the garden, and the phrase just came to me.”

Now? The phrase is used on a regular basis to, as Stewart writes, “call out solutions and projects that were simple, smart, and sensible.”

More specifically, readers of Very Good Things will learn all of Stewart’s clever everyday life hacks (for example, did you know she uses lip balm to lubricate a stuck zipper?); time-saving tricks, like labeling window screens before you clean them to avoid confusion when it’s time to re-install them (genius!); stress-reducing tips, like color-coding the kids’ bathroom essentials; and event entertaining tips you only wish you knew sooner, like serving party snacks in decanters.

Of course, what’s a Martha Stewart book without cooking tips? One of the highlights of Very Good Things is Stewart’s smart no-waste suggestions for your ingredients. For instance, have you ever considered freezing leftover wine for cooking? Or, scooping out that last bit of Dijon mustard out of the jar and mixing it with fresh herbs and garlic and balsamic vinegar to make your very own homemade dressing? Well, Stewart did, and she’s imparting her sweet, sweet knowledge unto us all.

“Curated in this single volume is the best of the best, from 30 years of Good Things,” Stewart writes. “Old or new, the clever ideas here are all designed to make your life easier and more enjoyable — and that’s always a good thing!”

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