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Trader Joe’s Grump Trees Are Fan Favorites & Now Aldi Has Its Own Version

Plants have been one of our biggest buys of the year. Not only do they look beautiful, but the process of caring for them is therapeutic and fulfilling (especially when you’re stuck home in lockdown). When Trader Joe’s unveiled Grinch-inspired grump trees in stores, our green thumb was thrilled and our hearts grew three sizes that day. If you don’t live near a Trader Joe’s, you may have experienced severe FOMO — but as it turns out, you may still be in luck, because Aldi is now selling similar grump tress in stores and they’re even more festively adorned than the original version.

Aldi fan account @aldi.mademedoit shared the greenery on Instagram, writing, “Oh, The Whoo- manity!! These grinch trees are absolutely amazing whoo-ville and loo whoo trees!! I definitely grabbed one! Do you plan to grab one?!”

As mentioned earlier, the trees were first spotted at Trader Joe’s, but we love the added twist that Aldi has given their shoppers. Exhibit A: those name tags and pink ornaments! Though the classic colors of the green and red tree scream Christmas; the pink Loo Whoo tree is definitely our favorite and the one we’re coveting the most.

The unique look of these holiday trees will make such a nice addition to your home as you begin to decorate for the holidays.

The Whoo-ville and Loo Whoo Lemon Cypress Trees are priced at a bargain $9.99 each. So while you may not be able to spend this holiday season as you did in previous years, you can bring a piece of Dr. Seuss’ world straight to your home. Hey, there’s always holiday cheer in Whoville.

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