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The Easy (and Free!) Trader Joe’s Hack That Will Save Your Holiday

Tired of paying ridiculous amounts of money for holiday wrapping paper, only for it to be destroyed seconds after opening? We are, too. But thanks to the glorious gift that keeps on giving — aka the Internet — we’ve stumbled upon a glorious hack that we’re totally planning to use this holiday season. The next time you’re out grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s for Thanksgiving foods and ‘Everything but the Bagel Seasoning‘, repurpose that brown paper bag to fit all of your gift-wrapping needs. Not only is it good for the environment, but it also gives off a très chic vintage vibe!

We love a good gift-wrapping hack — and anything that can help make the holidays a little easier, so we were excited to see a Reddit user share the hack online after finding themselves with way too many brown Trader Joe’s bags. We’ve all been there, right? Commenters were full of praise for the new idea. One loved the idea a little too much and responded, “I’m planning on wallpapering my pantry with all of my bags!” (Well, okay, yay for sustainable decor!) Another comment (and our personal favorite) read, “🎶 Brown paper packages tied up with strings… 🎶” If we weren’t already sold, this comment would’ve done the trick, to be honest. The best part is you’re free to DIY it and make it your own by adding as many bows or ribbons as you want.

Bonus hack: Instead of paying extra for gift tags, simply write out a message on the paper bag itself with your favorite Sharpie. You’re welcome in advance — and happy holidays!

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