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These Lined Crocs On Sale At Costco Are The Perfect Winter House Shoes

Regardless of the season, whether we’re indoors or outdoors,  comfortable footwear is a must for our overall comfort. We’re willing to shell out a pretty penny for functional footwear, especially in the winter when we want to keep our toes warm and dry, but luckily, there are lots of great deals to be had out there so you don’t have to break the bank trying to keep your feet comfy. To that end, we often find ourselves buying discounted shoes at Costco. In the past, they’ve had amazing deals on Hunter rain boots and Birkenstocks, and they just added another covetable item to their store shelves: lined Crocs.

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Crocs are our go-to summer shoes, especially around the house or while puttering around the yard. The little holes keep our feet cool, the Crocs sole design is legitimately comfortable, and their non-skid bottoms and secure ankle straps mean they’re safe to wear by the pool, in the kitchen, or just while working in the garden. But those holes and the backless design often mean that come winter, we need to swap our trusty clogs out for something a little warmer.

This year, though, we’re totally going to pick up a pair of cozy lined Crocs at Costco. The fuzzy faux-fur lining keeps your feet nice and warm, and you won’t have to sport the controversial Crocs-with-socks look (though let’s be honest, there’s probably nothing on earth more comfortable for the average human foot than the combination of Crocs and socks).

Crocs Ladies’ Classic Lined Clogs are currently available at Costco in black with a black liner or white with a gray liner, in sizes 6-10, for $36.99. That’s a pretty legit discount compared to the retail price on the Crocs website or Amazon (although they do offer more colors). You can also find them at Kohl’s and DSW.

Crocs Ladies' Classic Lined Clogs $49.99

Now, if you’re going to be walking around in the sleet and snow, you’re probably better off with a pair of lined Hunter boots, but if you just need something practical, comfortable, and cozy to wear around the house, these lined Crocs have got you covered.

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