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This Browser Extension Is Every Parent’s Secret Weapon for Stress-Free Holiday Shopping

When you’re a kid, the holidays are a magical time filled with loved ones, delicious foods and, of course, gifts. But when you become a parent, you quickly realize that the magic of the holiday season rests squarely on your shoulders (this rings doubly true for us moms). It’s enough to make us wish those helping elves were actually real. Thankfully, there’s a browser extension — Capital One Shopping — that is basically a very helpful digital elf that can help you make your lists and check them twice (for the best available deals, that is). 

Saving money on holiday shopping sounds easier said than done, because, well, it often feels that way. Between the hottest toys on your kids’ wish lists to the newest tech items — basically, toys for adults — plus all the cheery holiday decor and entertaining items that help transform our homes into winter wonderlands, the expense of the holiday season can quickly get away from you. When you add Capital One Shopping for free on your go-to browser (it’s compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari), the extension does the hard work for you. 

Capital One Shopping scours the Internet for the best available discount codes and does the comparison shopping across Amazon, Target and more retailers for you. And with some of the biggest deal events of the season coming up (we see you, Black Friday and Cyber Monday), Capital One Shopping is your secret weapon for staying laser focused on your must-buy items and your budget. After all, Capital One Shopping found its millions of users over $160 million in savings in the last year alone. 

Here, we detail four ways Capital One Shopping will take the stress out of holiday shopping this year. So you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the magic of the season just like you did when you were a kid. 

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Add Capital One Shopping for Free $0

Create a Watchlist

I’m convinced making a list is a form of self care. It helps keep me organized and focused. And few things are more satisfying than getting to cross items off your list once you’ve accomplished the task (just thinking about the sound of my pen rushing across a piece of paper gives me a little thrill). But creating shopping lists — especially for holiday gifts — is a different beast altogether. With Capital One Shopping, however, the process is seamless. 

When you have the browser extension, anytime you’re shopping and hunting down items for your kids, parents, work wife — whomever — simply click “Add to Watchlist” and Capital One Shopping will start doing the heavy lifting for you. The team at Capital One Shopping will track the item and watch for price drops for 60 days notifying you via email when they’ve found the a better price. 

Find Savings Across Tens of Thousands of Sites

If you don’t want to play the long game using the Watchlist feature, Capital One Shopping helps you find incredible deals for products right on the spot. Once you’ve installed the browser extension, anytime you’re shopping online Capital One Shopping will be working in the background to help you find savings. 

Capital One Shopping does this in two ways. The first is by searching the internet to see if another retailer has the item you’re looking at on Amazon or Target (or another retailer) for a better price. If Capital One Shopping finds a better price, a friendly pop-up will appear letting you know the item is available at a cheaper price elsewhere. At the same time, the browser extension is also finding available coupon codes and discounts available for the site you’re currently shopping. They make it easy by instantly applying the best available coupon to your cart, helping you save time and money. 

Earn Capital One Shopping Credits for Future Savings

It’s one thing to know you’re saving money when you shop. It’s another to know that when you’re shopping, you’re earning Shopping Credits (ahem, money) for future purchases. That’s what you might call a win-win. 

When you shop, Capital One Shopping also lets you know when credits are available to you when you make your purchase. These Credits will be tracked and easily viewable in your Capital One Shopping dashboard. You can easily redeem your Credits for gift cards. So after you’ve finished your holiday shopping, you can treat yourself to a reward. 

Discover Exclusive Deals

If you would rather do your shopping based on the deal (rather than find a deal at the point of purchase), then you’ll want to bookmark Capital One Shopping’s Discover page. This is where the Capital One Shopping team highlights all of its featured offers. You can search through different sites to find the best available deals — whether that’s in the form of unique discounts or Shopping Credits. You can find discounts and Credits on everything from meal delivery kits to must-have tech brands to your favorite big-box retailers. 

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