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Heavy-Duty Dishwasher Cleaners That’ll Get the Job Done

Your dishwasher saves you from a ton of hand-washing. Can you imagine working your way through your, your partner’s, and your kids’ massive stacking of plates, cups, bowls and utensils every day? It’d be a part-time job. Your dishwasher handles all of these dishes easily, but sometimes it needs a good cleaning, too. Hard water stains, limescale, rust and grease can start to build-up in your dishwasher—even toward the back where you can’t see. It can affect your pipes, filter and spray arm, which means you’re washing your dishes in a dishwasher with rusty parts. If you don’t know the last time you’ve cleaned your dishwasher, then it’s definitely time to take a look at the best dishwasher cleaners

These dishwasher cleaners come in several different forms—powder, tablet and canister—but they all get the job done. You run the cleaner on the dishwasher’s hottest cycle to get rid of odor and all of the aforementioned build-up. After you’re done, your dishwasher should smell, feel and look squeaky clean. It’s recommended that you clean your dishwasher once a month.

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1. Affresh Dishwasher Cleaner

Whether you’ve got rust, lime or build-up, this dishwasher cleaner can get rid of all of that and leave you with a sparkling clean dishwasher. You can use it in either stainless steel washers or plastic tub washers. You can have this cleaner in your dishwasher while you’re washing your plates, because it’s dish-safe. The seller recommends using this product once a month to keep your dishwasher squeaky clean.

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Affresh Dishwasher Cleaner $15.28 on

2. Finish Dual Action Dishwasher Cleaner

If your dishwasher has seen much better days, you should check out this cleaner. It gets rid of any foul odor, rust stains and other mineral build-up. By the time you’re done, it should smell fresh and clean. To use this product, you place it in the bottom dish rack upside down. The cap stays on. You just need to make sure the wax plug is visible, then you just run your dishwasher on the warmest possible cycle.

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Finish Dual Action Dishwasher Cleaner $4.47 on

3. Lemi Shine Natural Lemon Multi-Purpose Appliance Cleaner

This cleaner isn’t just for your dishwasher. It can be used on your washing machine, any stainless steel appliance and disposals. Unlike other cleaners, this one is non-toxic and biodegradable. It features citrus extracts to give your dishwasher a natural and sweet-smelling scent after removing build-up and unpleasant odors from your dishwasher. Your nose won’t be hit by any chemical smells after running this powder through a cycle.

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Lemi Shine.
Lemi Shine Natural Lemon Multi-Purpose Appliance… $20.99 on

4. Glisten Dishwasher Cleaner & Disinfectant

Has your dishwasher seen better days? Try this cleaner to remove rust, gross food residue, water stains and other build-up. It claims to protect against certain harmful kinds of bacteria. It can even clean the pipes of your dishwasher. If you want a super clean dishwasher, use this cleaner once a month.

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Glisten Dishwasher Cleaner & Disinfectant $13.32 on

5. Oh Yuk Dishwasher Cleaner and Descaler For All Brands and Models

If you’re worried about harsh chemicals in your cleaning products, you’ll want this natural dishwasher cleaner. Not only is it safe, but it also can help improve the functionality of your machine and extend its life. It’s also septic safe so you won’t have to worry about any plumbing issues.

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Image: Oh Yuk.
Oh Yuk Dishwasher Cleaner and Descaler For All… $14.99 on

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