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Easy-to-Use Dog Nail Clippers That Won’t Pinch

When you’re in between grooming visits, you’ll need to clip your pup’s toenails on your own so that your dog doesn’t scratch you or your precious wood floors. Sometimes, though, it can be painful for them if you’re not fast enough. But with the right dog toenail clippers, you can make the process as ouch-less as possible.

Now, it’s not expected for you to be a pro groomer at home, but with these quality dog toenail clippers, you just might feel like one. With an ergonomic grip that makes you feel comfortable holding them and sharp blades that get the job done faster and without pinching them, clipping nails just got way easier. Ahead, the best dog toenail clippers for a more pleasant grooming experience.

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1. Dudi Dog Clippers

If you’ve got a smaller pooch, these smart dog toenail clippers will get the job done right. The storage lock prevents them from working when they’re not in use, and the safety guard ensures that you don’t cut their toenails too short. The razor-sharp blades give you a quick and efficient cut so you don’t have to waste more time while they’re squirming.

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Image: Courtesy of Dudi Image: Courtesy of Amazon.
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2. Fur Goodness Sake Clippers

Clipping even a small dog’s nails is a chore, so if you have a large breed, it’s a huge hassle. Luckily, these sturdy dog toenail clippers will get the job done as quickly as possible thanks to the quick sensor that’s ultra precise. The non-slip handles ensure you won’t pinch your pup in the process, and they’re lightweight so they won’t weigh your hand down.

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Image: Courtesy of Fur Goodness Image: Courtesy of Amazon.
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3. Mighty Paw Clippers

Cutting their nails too short can actually be harmful to your pup, but these smart dog toenail clippers will prevent that from happening. The sharp stainless steel blade ensures a precise cut so you can get the job done faster so they don’t get restless. For you, the comfy handle is easy to hold and won’t fall out of your hand, resulting in an accident.

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Image: Courtesy of Mighty Paw Image: Courtesy of Amazon.
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4. Allstar Innovations PetiCare LED Light Pet Nail Clipper

This high-tech nail clipper is perfect for owners that can’t really see where to cut the nail bed due to some dogs’ nails being too dark. Well, cutting your furry best friend’s nails without hurting them is a top priority when it’s doggy spa day. These nail clippers are phenomenal because it comes equipped with an LED light and magnifying lens attached to the top so you can fully see where their bloodline starts and stops (be careful, that blade is very sharp) — fresh-cut nails have never felt so good.

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Image: Allstar Innovations
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5. Zax’s Favourites Dog Nail Clippers Set With Calming Anti-Anxiety Lick Mat

We humans don’t just get anxiety when it comes to stressful nail-cutting time — dogs get it too! Well, we’ve got great news for you. These clippers come with a lickable silicone mat that is perfect for high anxiety pets. Designed with anxious dogs in mind, the blue suction mat is peanut butter-friendly and can stick to any flat surface. To get started, all you need to do is slather any peanut butter of your choosing onto the mat and let your furry friend go to town. Plus, this set comes with safe-guarded stainless steel nail clippers that ensure you don’t cut too far up the nail.

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Image: Zax’s Favourites
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