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Stylish Click-On Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses

In our world of all things tech, we’re spending all day glued to screens. Whether it be a laptop, phone, or tablet, there’s really no escaping it these days. However, you can help give your tired eyes a break while protecting them with handy click-on blue-light-blocking glasses.

If you want to keep your current pair, especially if you have prescription glasses already, then you can add on some click-on blue-light glasses instead. That way, you can take them off when you’re not looking at a screen so you can fully customize your glasses. Ahead, we’ve rounded up the best click-on options so you can finally give your eyes some TLC while you’re working all day.

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1. Game King Glasses

If you’re worried about clip-on glasses adding too much bulk to your existing frames, these clip-on blue-light-blocking glasses are super thin and lightweight so you don’t have to worry about that. The silicone feet covers can help protect the lens from scratching and can prevent sliding too. The anti-reflective coating and and tinted lenses can also improve perception too for a better experience when looking at screens all day.

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Image: Courtesy of Amazon. Image: Courtesy of Amazon
Game King Glasses $28.99 on Buy now Sign Up

2. Prospek Clip-on Glasses

These genius click-on blue-light-blocking glasses are adjustable, so they’re work with just about any glasses you have. Whether you’re an avid gamer, need something to wear at work, or while watching TV, it never hurts to add blue light protection into your daily life. Instead of buying a brand new pair of glasses, simply add these on and you’ll be covered.

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Image: Courtesy of Amazon. Image: Courtesy of Amazon.
Prospek Clip-on Glasses $27.95 on Buy now Sign Up

3. Sleep ZM Anti Blue Light Glasses

Aside from eyes that physically hurt at the end of a work day, one common problem people can face is not sleeping well. Being on computers all day can keep our minds buzzing so it’s hard to calm down your mind. With these smart click-on blue-light-blocking glasses, you can easily transform your current glasses into anti-blue light versions so you can put your eyes and mind at ease.

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Image: Courtesy of Amazon. Image: Courtesy of Amazon.
Sleep ZM Anti Blue Light Glasses $39.99 on Buy now Sign Up

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