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Breastfeeding: Planning to pump?

Are you a breastfeeding mom, heading back to the working
world? To help make the transition from maternity leave to returning to
work smoother and easier, Expressiva Nursingwear offers the following
tips for mothers who choose to pump breast milk.

1Breast pumpInform your employer

Talk with your supervisor about your plans for pumping at work. If you do not have your own office discuss alternatives for where you can have privacy.

2Buy or rent a breast pump

Before returning to work, do your research and rent or buy a breast pump. A double pump works the most efficiently and effectively. Make sure you’re completely comfortable with the pump — worrying if the pump is too loud or doesn’t pump fast enough can lead to stress resulting in a diminished milk supply.

3Have lunch with your baby

If you work close to home or near your child’s daycare provider, find out if you’ll have enough time to go there to feed him or her in person. Even better, find out if your child can be brought to work for a feeding.

4Don’t stress!

Stress and a lack of sleep can greatly diminish your milk supply. To help remedy the problem, try to anticipate stressful days, deadlines and situations and plan accordingly. While you can’t fully control your night’s sleep with a baby, catch a cat nap whenever possible.

5Dress accordingly

Select clothes that are comfortable and that make pumping easy and convenient and wear a nursing bra underneath. Avoid wearing light colors. Dark colors are better at hiding leak stains and nursing pads.

6Be prepared

In case of an accident, keep a spare change of clothes at the office.

7Be organized

Bring a small tote bag for all your supplies — breast pump, nursing pads, baby wipes for easy clean up, bottles or bags for milk storage and tape for labeling.

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