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The Best Adult Face Shields to Wear Right Now

By now, you’ve had plenty of time to stock up on cloth face masks from your favorite brands, but to double-up on your protection during the health pandemic, you should also consider adding the best adult face shields to your safety routine. It’s always a smart idea to err on the side of caution, and equipping yourself with a face shield might be able to create a stronger barrier between yourself and others while you’re out and about. While they are not recommended as a substitute for a cloth face mask, according to the CDC, they might be able to give you peace of mind. If anything, it’s better to be safe than sorry. And even if it might not actually add extra security, it’s not doing any harm if you’re wearing it appropriately. You may have recently seen some people sporting this latest accessory while you’re out and about, but there are some things to keep in mind before buying one.

Let us repeat: You should wear a face shield along with your cloth face mask, not by itself (that is, unless the shield is built into the cloth face mask). The CDC says that if you absolutely cannot wear a cloth face covering, the face shield should completely surround the sides of your face and fall beyond the chin. Now, if you have a stubborn child who will not wear the cloth face mask under any circumstances, then consider a kids face shield a Plan B option because something is better than nothing. However, they’re not recommended for babies due to potential suffocation.

With all the safety precautions you’ve already been taking (from wearing a cloth mask to simply staying home), we suggest adding this extra layer of security, which can help further protect you and others during those essential errands. For such a small investment and tiny step, there’s no reason not to double-up your safety routine when heading out the door. The best adult face shields range from traditional ones that cover your entire face to versions with built-in hats for sun protection too. We’ve rounded up the best adult face shields that are comfy and suit a variety of needs. And when you’re done using it, don’t forget to wash it.

Izzy K Face Shield Hat

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Image: Nordstrom Rack. Image: Nordstrom Rack

This baseball hat features a built-in face shield so you don’t have to skimp on sun protection either (but please don’t skip the sunscreen). This double-duty adult face shield puts in the extra work so you don’t have to as you’re dashing out the door. Best of all, the shield is removable, so one day when we don’t have to worry about covering up our mouths and noses, you can still use the baseball hat by itself.

Izzy K Face Shield Hat $19.97 Buy now

Reusable Face Mask with Face Shield

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Image: Etsy. Image: Etsy.

If you don’t love the idea of having a large piece of plastic covering your entire face, especially when it’s hot out, then this face-mask-shield duo should make you feel comfortable and not claustrophobic. This less-invasive accessory offers the same protection as a standard cloth face mask with the bonus eye-guard, which you can easily remove when you don’t want to use it.

Reusable Face Mask with Face Shield $14.95 Buy now


Flip-Up Face Shield

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Image: Etsy. Image: Etsy.

If you’re looking for a sturdy and comfortable face shield to wear for longer periods of time, this quality version is your best bet. It easily flips up 90 degrees so you can quickly move it out of your face if it’s safe to do so, and it fits securely so it won’t slip off your head. You can adjust the space between your face and the visor so you can get the perfect fit and minimize any fogging, especially if you wear glasses.

Flip-Up Face Shield $15.95 Buy now

Sun Visor Face Shield

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Image: Walmart. Image: Walmart.

Now this version is the definition of face shield, but make it fashion. If you’re not afraid of some color, then this rainbow-colored adult face shield was made just for you. It’s just what you need if you’ll be spending time in the sun as it’ll also shield you from UV rays. You’ll be able to get use out of this visor post-pandemic since it’s really a sun visor.

Sun Visor Face Shield $8.99 Buy now

Fisherman Bucket Hat Face Shield

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Image: Etsy. Image: Etsy.

Bucket hats have been having a moment as of late, so why not incorporate them into your safety-gear toolbox? You don’t actually need to go fishing to find this type of hat useful: With an extra-wide brim and comfy material, this is one face shield that you won’t get annoyed wearing all day if you need to. From blue and purple to yellow, you can snag this one in a rainbow of colors to match your entire wardrobe.

Fisherman Bucket Hat Face Shield $11.50 Buy now

ArtToFrames Protective Face Shield

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Image: Amazon. Image: Amazon.

Let’s face it: Wearing face masks were kind of scary at first, simply because it was so unfamiliar. However, there’s a good chance kids may still be a bit frightened when they see people wearing masks or face shield, but this whimsical version adorned in eyelashes makes it a bit more approachable. There’s even a bearded version too that’s sure to give someone a good laugh when they need it most. This adult face shield also comes with comfort-fit glasses for an extra layer of protection, and the anti-fog material ensures you won’t lose visibility.

ArtToFrames Protective Face Shield 14.99 on Buy now

Baseball Hat Face Shield

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Image: Amazon. Image: Amazon.

If you already wear a baseball hat everyday, make your day easier with this smart cap. With a removable face shield, you can easily attach it when you need it and remove it when you’re in the clear — and when the pandemic is behind us. The elastic band makes it easy to adjust the size for a custom fit, and the shield is washable so you can use a clean shield over and over again.

Baseball Hat Face Shield 19.99 on Buy now

Disposable Face Shield Set of 12

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Image: Office Depot. Image: Office Depot

If you just want a basic face shield, plain and simple, this pack of 12 disposable face shields will check all your boxes. They offer direct splash protection, and the one-time use ensures you’ll always have a clean one on hand. P.S., I guess you can add Office Depot to your list of places you had no idea you could shop for pandemic essentials? Rumor has it that they have toilet paper too if that shortage happens again.

Disposable Face Shield Set $34.99 Buy now

Cloth face mask stash getting low? Stock up with these stylish face masks below.

cloth face masks

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