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Walmart Just Announced They’ll Be Closed on Thanksgiving This Year

For many families Thanksgiving doesn’t end when the last slice of pie is served up, but rather with the whole fam getting in the car and heading to Walmart to start scooping up Black Friday Deals as early as Thursday evening. But this year, they’ll need to find a new tradition, because Walmart just announced that both Walmart and Sam’s Club will be closed on Thanksgiving this year, which falls on November 26.

This is the first year since the 1980’s that Walmart will be closed on Thanksgiving. The company said in a statement that they were inspired to do so after an employee at a Walmart in Texas reached out to corporate and suggested closing stores on Thanksgiving this year so that employees could spend the day with their families, after what’s been a trying time in our country.

As one of the largest retailers in the country, Walmart making this announcement so early in the year makes us wonder if other stores will follow suit. Walmart is usually open during the day for regular shopping (so people can pick up last minute Thanksgiving items like stuffing, cranberry sauce, and more) and transition to Black Friday sales in the evening, but this year shoppers will need to plan ahead. No longer will you be able use “heading to Walmart to pick up another bottle of sparkling cider!” as an excuse for escaping your family’s heated Thanksgiving Day conversations.

That doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get your Black Friday shopping done. Keep your eyes peeled for more online Black Friday deals this year instead of the doorbusters traditionally offered in store. You’ll be able to stay safe at home, and so will the hardworking people who normally have to miss Thanksgiving with their families.

In addition to announcing the closure of all Walmart and Sam’s Club stores on Thanksgiving, Walmart said they will also be issuing a third round of pandemic bonuses to employees on August 20th, for $150-$300 depending on the employees working hours. After a year of toilet paper shortages, defiant shoppers refusing to wear masks, and general pandemic pandemonium, Walmart store employees certainly deserve at least that.

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