How to straighten curly hair: Taming your mane

Do you have unruly curls that refuse to straighten? Find out how to straighten your twirly mane without hurting it from the Makeup Diva!

The problem

My hair is really wavy so I always wear it up. What styles could make my hair look straighter?

Makeup Diva’s solution

Pick the products

Styling products, a round brush and a blow-dryer should be your new best friends if you want your hair straight. Work a dollop of straightening gel, try Phytotherathrie Phytodefrisant Hair Straightening Balm $18; check for locations, into lightly towel dried hair, making sure to evenly distribute it and comb it through to the ends.

Brush it the right way

Use a round brush, preferably natural bristle, try, on sections of hair as you are drying. Take sections of hair from the root onto the brush and pull it straight as you aim the blowdryer on the hair (do it quickly so you don’t expose the hair to too much heat).

Get the perfect length

The straightening balm needs the heat of the dryer and the tension of the brush to help the hair straighten, so don’t expect to just put the balm on and blowdry as usual. The more you use this method of drying your hair, the easier it will become. In terms of hair style and length, I also have wavy hair and I find that wearing it mostly all one length and medium to long in length, rather than short, helps weigh the hair down and makes it easier to control. Try a cut that is near or just past shoulder length.

Talk to your hairdresser about products and styling that she suggests for you. She knows your hair and can help you work with the texture.

Yours in beauty,
The Makeup Diva


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