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Looking for Hairstyles for Round Faces? Here’s All the Celeb Inspo You Need

Consider your facial features

  • If you have a double chin, keep the hair around your face above chin level to draw the eyes upwards. The back may be grown a little longer — a bob would be ideal.
  • If you have a short neck, a short cropped style will make a shorter neck appear longer. Long hair worn up will give the same effect. Well-placed highlights will also slenderize the face. Highlights that are woven around the face in an “angel halo” effect will also help an overly round face appear thinner.
  • Long hair can be worn just as easily as short or medium-length hair as long as you wear your hair “forward” onto your face to create a more “oval” appearance. Don’t be afraid to wear your hair any length that you like!
  • While you select your style, be sure to take into consideration the texture of your hair. If your hair is thick and coarse, you would do well with a style that benefits from the “bed head” look around the crown.
  • If you have curly hair, you can use the curls by letting them add height at the crown. You can also wear your curly hair longer, with the bulk of your hair pulled back behind your ears, or with just a very few ringlets along your face to minimize the fullness.

Breaking the rules

Camryn Manheim is a classic example of someone letting her hair be the way she wants it to be and not following the strict rules for a round face. And remember Baby Spice? Her very round face is often coiffed in styles that would not normally be considered the “perfect” style for her face shape — but they still work!

One great way to find the best style for your face shape is to buy fashion, beauty and hair magazines and look through them for examples of hairstyles that you like and think would be flattering to your face shape and hair texture. Make a special hairstyle scrapbook of the styles you like best and then take the entire book to your stylist and ask them to advise you on some styles.

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What makes you comfortable is more important than what’s trendy

One thing to keep in mind is to find a style that you enjoy. There is no point is selecting “the perfect style” if it is impossible to maintain, it feels unnatural, or you just don’t like wearing it. One trend that is definitely emerging in the hair and beauty industry is individuality. If you see a style that you love and it doesn’t fit the “rules,” wear it anyhow — or modify the style slightly so that it works well for your face.

The bottom line is to have fun with your hair. If you love your look — whether it fits the rules or not — you will look better because you’ll be happy with yourself!

Read on to the next page to see how actresses with round faces rock their hair.

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