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Looking for Hairstyles for Round Faces? Here’s All the Celeb Inspo You Need

Rounded bob for round faces

Should a round faced woman wear a rounded bob? Not usually. But it can work if it’s the right length. A short bob that hits above chin level and bangs that are swept to the side will add the right angles to balance out a round face.

Accent curls for round face shapes

To draw the attention away your round cheeks, you want to put the emphasis on the length or the height of your hair instead. With this hairstyle, the soft layers and curly ends of the hair provide a slimming effect by drawing your eyes downward to the curls.

Outward bend for round faces

Layers are the name of the game when you are trying to slenderize the look of your face. If you have a round shaped face, soft layers with an outward bend and choppy bangs can add dimension and texture to your look. This is a fabulous hairstyle for shoulder length hair and longer.

Long layer hairstyles for round faces

A round shaped face looks more slender with sweeping bangs and long layers. This hairstyle is very flattering for round shaped faces with a slightly pointed chin. Since it’s just below chin-level, it draws the attention downward (slenderizing the face) as well as adds some needed width to the chin area.

Tapered cut for round faces

Many times women with round faces avoid short hairstyles. But if you love short hair, go for it. Just experiment until you find the right style for you. A tapered cut with sweeping bangs can work well for a round faced woman with straight hair.

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