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Pregnancy skin care

The outside effects of your changing hormone levels aren’t all desirable… but increased blood circulation can really give you a great pregnancy glow! Here are some great pregnancy skin care tips for you soon-to-be moms!

Make the most of it with these tips:

1) Use sunscreen. Use it every time and put it everywhere. Even in winter, the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays can dry your skin, make it look older, break down cells and even
cause cancer. Many facial creams are complete with sunscreen, so apply one every morning.

2) Wash your face gently. Water-based cosmetics wash off easily, so don’t scrub. If your face has a reaction to any cleanser, soap or cosmetic, stop using it!

3) Moisturize. Even if your skin becomes oilier during pregnancy, it’s important to keep it soft and supple with a good water-based moisturizer.

4) Sleep well. The aches and pains of pregnancy can keep you from a good nights’ rest. This is a good time to ask your partner for a gentle back rub or a foot massage. Enjoy a mug
of warm milk (and its sleep-inducing qualities). Try listening to classical and/or soothing music at bedtime.

5) Drink plenty of water. What’s plenty? Eight to 10 glasses every day — that’s about two quarts. If you can’t quite handle that much plain water, try a sparkling variety, or
squeeze a little fruit essence (citrus is especially good) into your glass.

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