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Celebrate Your Family with Tree Picture Frames

It’s hard to figure out where you’re going to put all of the photos of your family members. Your in-laws wouldn’t be thrilled if they weren’t represented somewhere in your house, for example. But sometimes, we don’t have enough wall space or frames to display all 10-30 family members and extended family members we have. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a photo frame that would allow you to display photos of the majority of your family members? Family tree picture frames do just that. Instead of opting for a huge, heavy rectangle collage frame that takes up half of your wall, you can display up to 20 family members all in one place on an artfully designed tree. We found the best family tree picture frames for you. 

We have two metal options. These options are done in different styles from one another. One looks a little bit more traditional and holds many photos in a circular frame, while the other option looks rustic and displays slightly less photos in a rectangle frame. Our other option is something totally out of the box. This picture frame is a giant decal, which you can spread across your wall. A bunch of stickers form a giant tree, and you can put photos of your family members in the large frames on the tree’s branches.

1. MIMOSA MOMENTS Metal Family Tree

Grandparents and parents will love this meaningful present. It makes for a great birthday or anniversary gift. This special free-standing tree is made out of zinc alloy with a silver-plated finish and comes with 10 oval frames. There are four larger ovals and six smaller ovals to balance out your family tree, but if you’re worried about cutting some family members off, don’t fret. Each frame is double-sided, so you can fit a total of 20 family photos on the tree. It meshes with most furniture styles and makes a great addition to any table.

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MIMOSA MOMENTS Metal Family Tree $44.99 on

2. Timber Artbox Large Family Tree Photo Frames Wall Decal

If you want your family tree more prominently displayed in your home or your baby’s nursery, you should check out this wall decal. There’s a cute phrase included in this decal, along with a large tree and nine spaces for photos. This tree is like a giant sticker pad. There’s a total of four sheets with 85 stickers. The tree ends up being 6.8 ft. by 7.1 ft. in height, so you’ll want to measure before purchasing. It’s adhesive, but it won’t ruin any walls, which is great news if you’re renting.

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Timber Artbox Large Family Tree Photo Frames Wall… $19.99 on

3. Philip Whitney Metal Family Tree Picture Frames

This black metal tree could be a fun wedding or anniversary present. Unlike other family trees photo frames, it’ll fit in with your modern decor. It also has a little bit of a rustic feeling to it. It has 10 hanging picture frames, which you can add to the tree as your family grows. The tree is 20 in. high and 18 in. wide, so you’ll need a sizable table to fit it. You likely won’t have to trim your photos, unlike with our circle option above. You can just order photos in the frame size.

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Philip Whitney Metal Family Tree Picture Frames $39.95 on

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