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Snowman wall hanging craft

This cheerful snowman will greet visitors as they come in the door. Hang him
on the door, in the entryway, above your kitchen counter, wherever his cheerful
face fits best!

You will need:
Square or rectangular block of wood
Acrylic paint in white, black, orange and pink
Material scraps for hat and scarf
Cotton batting
White fuzzy felt
White craft glue
Craft wire
Small picture nails (optional)
Hammer (optional)
Splatter tool or toothbrush and black or dark brown paint (optional)


Begin by sanding all rough edges around the wood to eliminate the possibility of painful splinters. Paint the entire piece of wood white and allow it to dry. Paint a second coat of white and allow that to dry completely. If you choose, you may use a splatter tool or toothbrush to fleck on small dots of brown or black paint for effect. Let dry.


Using a small paintbrush, dot on two black eyes and a dotted smile. Use orange paint for a carrot nose. Using a large paintbrush (a sponge can be used also), dot on pink paint for the cheeks. Allow it to dry completely.


Finishing touches
Lay snowman face down on work surface. Position material as the hat and wrap around “head,” careful tack in place with nails and/or glue. Place cotton batting in top of hat and fold over material to create a hat, tack in place. Use a strip of fuzzy felt to create the brim of the hat, use glue to adhere. Make sure all seams are in the back. Position a strip of material as the scarf, tack and/or glue in place. Tie ends and fringe ends with scissors. Flip snowman over and glue on buttons to the front of the hat and a folded piece of fuzzy felt for the top of the hat.


On the back of the snowman you may either drill a hole to position over a nail on the wall, or use craft wire to create a hanger. To do this, simply cut a piece of wire long enough to reach across the back of the snowman with about an inch of slack. Tack the two ends in place with wall nails.

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