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The Overlooked Trader Joe’s Section You’re Not Shopping, But Should

We love Trader Joe’s for a lot of things, their easy-to-make appetizers, annual holiday sweet treats and of course all of their frozen foods. But did you know Trader Joe’s sells greeting cards? It’s true, and we wouldn’t blame you for missing them, as they’re placed in an often overlooked section of the store: right next to the plants and flowers. Yep, right there, there’s usually a display rack loaded with greeting cards for every occasion, from graduations and birthdays to holidays, like Father’s Day. The best part is every single card will only set you back a buck.

“When it’s time to celebrate, congratulate, sympathize with a friend, or simply say ‘thank you’… Trader Joe’s has an artfully designed, carefully captioned card for all the moments of your life,” Trader Joe’s website states.

According to the company, Trader Joe’s greeting cards are unique to their stores, “both in design and in price.” “We work with a small greeting card producer, who works directly with the artists who design the cards,” they said.

Not only are the cards super-affordable, but they’re also b-e-a-utiful.

Exhibit A, this gorgeous watercolor work of art:

“Over Christmas, I needed last minute cards so I went to the closest grocery store and spent THIRTY DOLLARS on SIX CARDS. Fast forward to yesterday while I am at TraderJoes and I see their card selection, the cutest cards for NINETY-NINE CENTS each. Writing this post a little selfishly so that it’s drilled into my brain to NEVER BUY CARDS ANYWHERE ELSE,” wrote @honeysavethatmoney on Instagram.

Exhibit B, these cards:

Even the artists are stoked to see their work displayed at Trader Joe’s. “Thank you @corinnehaigdesigns for sharing this great picture of a display of greetings cards at Trader Joe’s, mine is the piano Happy Birthday in the bottom row, What a great selection of designs!” wrote Harriet Mellor, a Germany-based artist.

Some Trader Joe’s shoppers love the 99-cent cards so much, it’s inspired them to send more cards and handwritten notes to friends and family.

“I am making a big effort this year to send more handwritten notes. … And these cute cards from Trader Joes are my inspiration!” wrote Kellie Randle on Instagram. “Let’s make an effort to bring back handwritten notes. And if you have kids, train them young. Thank you notes are important and manners matter.”

We love the idea so much, we might just do the same. Trader Joe’s, here we come.

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