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Long-lasting HEPA Filters That’ll Easily Trap Dust, Pollutants and Odors

Think about the ways you protect yourself and your family. If you are carefully reading the boxes of toys and food to make sure there isn’t some hidden chemical nastiness, you should make sure that you’re paying the same amount of attention to your air purifier. Your air purifier works hard to remove dust and pet dander from the air, but it does need its air filters replaced every 6-18 months, depending on the model that you have. Filters become much less effective once they go past the recommended time usage, so even if you continue to run your air purifier with an old filter, you might not be trapping many, or any, particles at all. 

HEPA, which stands for high efficiency particulate air, filters trap particles as small as .3 microns. They can trap dust, pet danger, allergens, pollutants, smoke, odor and mold in the filter, leaving you with cleaner, fresher air in your home. If your members in your family suffer from allergies, a HEPA filter can make allergy season much more tolerable. Also, think about how much time you spend at home. You’re breathing in that air in an enclosed space for hours. You might as well try to reduce the dust and odors at the very least. 

We rounded up the best three HEPA filters that’ll help trap over 99 percent of harmful particles in your home.

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1. GermGuardian HEPA Air Purifier Replacement Filter

This HEPA filter has a special activated charcoal layer to purify the air in your home and filter out odors. These filters serve as replacements for specific brands so make sure to check they’ll work on you purifier. This product can whisk away 99.97 percent of allergens, pet danger, dust, pollen and mold spores that are .3 microns large from the air.

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GermGuardian HEPA Air Purifier Replacement Filter $69.99 on Buy now

2. Holmes AER1 HEPA Type Total Air Filter

The Holmes filters include ARM & HAMMER baking soda, which gives the filter much more power to eliminate bad odors from your home. The filter removes 99 percent of pollutants, dust and other allergens. In addition to that, users will notice that there is 30 percent less dust in their homes. The Holmes work with certain Bonaire air purifiers. Replace the filter every 12 to 18 months.

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Holmes AER1 HEPA Type Total Air Filter $21.17 on Buy now

3. LEVOIT Air Purifier Replacement Filter

This 3-stage filter from LEVOIT has a pre-filter, HEPA filter and activated charcoal filter. It traps pet dander, pollutants, mold, dust mites and smoke from the air. This air filter replacement is 100 percent Ozone free, which is a harmful air pollutant. Check LEVOIT’s product description to see if the filters are compatible with your air purifier. The filter should be replaced every six months.

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LEVOIT Air Purifier Replacement Filter $44.49 on Buy now

4. Honeywell HEPA Replacement Filter for Air Purifiers

This pack comes with a total of six filters, so you’ll have enough for your air purifier for one entire year. You don’t have to worry about ordering more filters every six months, like other filter packs. These filters can capture 99.97 percent of air particles. The particles can be as small as .3 microns. Just make sure that your air purifier is compatible with the filters.

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Honeywell HEPA Replacement Filter for Air… $61.99 on Buy now

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