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When Is Amazon Prime Day?

Every summer, we look forward to three things: Summer Fridays, weekend getaways, and Amazon Prime Day. Of course, this year won’t be quite the same. Sure, we might still get our Summer Fridays, but Amazon Prime Day will be postponed — and for good reason.

According to meeting notes acquired by media outlets in April, Amazon’s general counsel David Zapolsky said that Prime Day, also known as Black Friday in July, will be “pushed off at least until August.” The notes also state that if Prime Day is delayed, the impact could be as high as $300 million.

Now, according to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon will reportedly hold the annual shopping event in September. A company spokesperson declined to comment, the publication reported this week.

According to Jeff Bezos’ annual letter to shareholders released last month, the spike in demand for products, like toilet paper, sanitizers, and cleaning supplies, created major challenges for their suppliers and delivery network. In response, Amazon not only prioritized the stocking and delivery of essential household staples, medical supplies, and other critical products, but they also temporarily closed Amazon Books, Amazon 4-star, and Amazon Pop Up stores “because they don’t sell essential products.” And while they opened 100,000 new positions across their fulfillment and delivery network in March, creating an additional 75,000 jobs to respond to customer demand, Amazon canceled promotions for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day because it has more demand than it can handle, the Wall Street Journal previously reported.

Prime Day started in 2015 as a way to boost sales during a usually slow time of the year. What started as a 24-hour event has since become a two-day event; and last year’s sale, which took place July 15 and 16, sold 175 million items and generated an estimated $6 billion. Some of the most purchased items last year included the Echo Dot (on sale for $22 versus $49.99), the Fire TV Stick 4K ($24.99 versus $49.99), and, surprisingly, avocados. In total, last year’s Prime Day boasted one million deals.

Stay tuned for more info about this year’s Prime Day.

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