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Easy-to-Use Watercolor Paint Sets to Help Bring Your Artistic Creations to Life

The beauty of painting is that you don’t have to be a pro to make a masterpiece. With the right tools, you’ll be able to produce a work of art that you can proudly hang on your walls at home. Whether you’re a pro or a newbie to the painting arena, you’ll need to consider what types of paint you like to use or what results you’d like to see in terms of the finish and style. Then, you can select the paint and brushes that will help you achieve that look. One of the best ways to ease into painting if you’ve never done it before is watercolor. Watercoloring is fun, soothing, and a great way to unwind and take the stress off. This type of paint comes in easy-to-use packaging, but there are some things to consider before buying just any watercolor paint set.

Once you’ve decided to go the watercolor paint route, you’ll want to think about how you will be using the set. Do you need one that you can fit in your pocket and easily take with you or do you prefer one with more color options so you can create something extra special? You also will want to see if the colors are non-toxic, high quality, and how easy they will blend. To make your search easier, we’ve rounded up the best watercolor paint sets to help you embrace your inner artist at home.

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1. Artist’s Loft Watercolor Pan Set

Painting is meant to be relaxing, stress-free, and fun, so the last thing you want is for it to be unsafe. This watercolor paint set is acid-free, so you can have peace of mind, especially if you have kids using this set. Equipped with 36 colors, this set has more options for you to bring your masterpieces to life. The colors are vibrant, rich colors that are great for beginners and professionals alike. The best part about watercolors is that they blend easily, making them great for new kids on the block. Best of all, these colors are non-toxic and washable when those inevitable accidents happen.

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Image: Amazon. Amazon
Artist's Loft Watercolor Pan Set $11.00 on

2. Winsor Water Colour Pocket Box

Sometimes, you can get better inspiration when you are out and about, so this pocket-size watercolor set will help you take your painting sessions outside. Because it fits in your pocket, you’ll be able to get inspiration wherever you go with this convenient watercolor paint set. Plus, this set features high quality paints that have phenomenal tinting strength and comes with a handy mixing palette in the lid. If you’re looking for a small, but mighty watercolor paint set, this is the way to go.

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Image: Amazon. Amazon
Winsor Water Colour Pocket Box $23.02 on

3. Lightwish Watercolor Set

Made with high quality Arabic gum, these colors are brighter and glossier than average watercolors. With 36 gorgeous colors, the creations you can make will be endless and oh-so-colorful. The colors mix amazingly well and they won’t feel chalky or grainy after they dry. When it comes to the packaging, the case is easy to hold when painting thanks to the easy open/close lid and the metal ring on the underside makes it easy to hold. The flip lid can be used as a palette for convenience, so you’ll be ready to go with this watercolor paint set.

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Image: Amazon. Amazon
Lightwish Watercolor Set $20.99 on

4. Watercolor Paint Set by Crafts 4 All

These non-toxic watercolor paints are designed to be easy to mix and blend, giving you a smooth paint texture to create an amazingly detailed and realistic painting. The set comes with 24 colors, ranging from rose to cobalt blue. The wide variety of paints means you’ll be doing less mixing than you would with other sets. There are also three bonus paint brushes, so you won’t have to run out and get some.

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Crafts 4 All. Crafts 4 All.
Watercolor Paint Set by Crafts 4 All $15.77 on

5. GenCrafts Watercolor Palette

This watercolor palette comes with a whopping 48 colors, including plum, moss, neon yellow and peach. If you don’t love doing a whole lot of paint-mixing, this set is ideal for you. The paints can also be taken out of their tray, so you don’t have to worry about any cross-contamination. It also comes with some special water pens, which have nylon brush tips, that’ll make watercolor painting easier.

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GenCrafts. GenCrafts.
GenCrafts Watercolor Palette $44.97 on

6. Castle Art Supplies Watercolors Paint Set

When you order watercolor paints, you usually get a small square of paint to work with. Well, with this set, you get full tubes of paint, which will keep your paints from accidentally mixing in a communal paint tin. Plus, it’ll take less time to clean up. You get a total of 24 resealable paint tubes in a variety of colors, so they will last a long time. You won’t have to run out and get new paints halfway through.

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Castle Art.
Castle Art Supplies Watercolors Paint Set $24.99 on

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