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Amazon’s Warehouse Changes Could Mean Delayed Orders For Some Shoppers

If you’ve been trying to leave your house as little as possible, then chances are you’ve been relying heavily on Amazon to get what you need around the house delivered to you in a timely manner. But thanks to a big change in how Amazon stocks its warehouses, you might soon have to wait for everything but the essentials. That’s because as of today, Amazon is only shipping things like medical supplies, household staples, baby supplies, and other products that are in high demand.

The new protocol will be in place until at least April 5th. The reason why they’re making the change is because they want to make sure that people can get the essential items they need in a reasonable amount of time, especially as people are dealing with things like local grocery stores running out of essential products. That means that, while you’ll hopefully still be able to order things like first-aid items, dry goods, and paper goods on Amazon, you might have to wait for the art deco bird bath you’ve been eyeing to come back in stock.

If you’ve ever bought something from Amazon that’s from a non-Amazon seller, you may have noticed that somewhere on the page it says “fulfillment by Amazon.” That’s because third-party sellers have been allowed to use Amazon’s warehouses and delivery services for a fixed fee, having their goods shipped to Amazon, and then relying on Amazon to get your delivery to you. Now, those third-party sellers will have to ship items on their own or to wait until April 5th to resume using Amazon’s fulfillment services.

They’re also making sure that third-party sellers aren’t artificially raising prices on hot-ticket items.

For now, Amazon is still accepting baby products, beauty and personal care products, groceries, health and household products, industrial and scientific products, and pet supplies at their warehouses, but that doesn’t mean those are the only products that will be available on the site. It just means that if something you want sells out before the warehouse ban ends on April 5th, you’ll have to wait for it to be back in stock before you can order.

There’s no need to panic, as this protocol will hopefully make it *more* likely that you can get the most important items delivered. In the meantime, you can always fill your Amazon wish list with items you want to splurge on after the warehouses re-open on April 5th.

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