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The Best Single Serve Coffee Pods for Your Morning Cup

If you’re too rushed in the morning to brew a whole pot of coffee, single-serve pods are an awesome way to get your caffeine fix. Most big brands of coffee, as well as many smaller ones, now offer their blends in these little K cups that are compatible with Keurig and similar style coffee brewers.

Ranging from light, medium and dark roasts to recyclable and compostable pods, there’s a single-serve coffee option for pretty much everyone. They’re perfect for families with adults on different coffee-drinking schedules and with conflicting taste preferences. Mom and Dad can each brew their own fresh cup whenever they’re ready — and no one has to compromise their roast-level requirements. Plus, there’s no wasting an entire pot when you just want a cup, and no letting an entire pot get that yucky burnt taste from sitting on a hot coffee maker for hours.

As convenient for brewing a travel mug for the morning commute as for serving an unexpected guest with a hot cup of java, these single-serve coffee pods make modern life just a little bit simpler. We’ve rounded up some of the best single-serve coffee pods, so you can easily shop and stock your pantry. Check out the options below and then sit back and relax with a nice hot cup of coffee.

This post was originally published on March 24, 2020.

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1. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Breakfast Blend Single-Serve Keurig K-Cup Pods

Made with sustainably sourced 100% Arabica coffee beans, Green Mountain Coffee Roaster’s Breakfast Blend is a caffeinated light roast coffee. Clean and bright with balanced sweetness, it has a nutty flavor and a silky mouthfeel. Each single-serve Keurig-compatible pod has no artificial ingredients and is Certified Orthodox Union Kosher (U).

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Image: Amazon. Amazon.
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Breakfast Blend… $31.45 on

2. Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend, Dark Roast Single Serve Coffee Pods

If you know Peet’s you’re probably already familiar with the blend named after the company’s most discerning customer. Major Dickason’s Blend has become the coffee that epitomizes the rich, flavorful taste of Peet’s. The complex and full-bodied flavor of this dark-roast coffee is no different in a K cup pod as as Peet’s bagged coffee — it comes from the same quality of coffee bean, roasted with the same care.

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Image: Amazon. Image; Amazon
Peet's Coffee Major Dickason's Blend, Dark Roast… $37.99 on

3. The Original Donut Shop Decaf Keurig Single-Serve K-Cup Pods

Looking for a tasty cup that won’t keep you up? The Original Donut Shop’s Decaf version is a medium-roast coffee that’s not too bitter, not too harsh, and won’t give you those caffeine jitters — but still boasts an extra bold flavor thanks to high-quality Arabica beans. The single-serve K-Cup pods are compatible with all Keurig K-Cup Pod Single-Serve Coffee Makers, and each pod brews a tasty 12-ounce cup. Go ahead and dunk your breakfast donut — or enjoy after dinner.

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The Original Donut Shop Decaf Keurig Single-Serve… $46.81 on

4. SF Bay Coffee French Roast Dark Roast Compostable Coffee Pods

Looking for a stronger cup? This French Roast from San Francisco Bay Coffee is a blend of fine beans from Central and South America, roasted very dark, until the flavor oils rise to the surface of the bean. The result is a full-bodied coffee with an intense, smoky flavor. The single-serve pods, compatible with Keurig and other K cup brewers, are made from compostable materials for an eco-friendly product.

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SF Bay Coffee French Roast Dark Roast Compostable… $57.95 on

5. Starbucks Pike Place Roast Medium Roast Single Cup Coffee

Call it the Goldilocks of coffee: Starbucks Pike Place Roast is a medium-roasted coffee made from a well-rounded blend of Latin American beans with subtly rich flavors of cocoa and toasted nuts. The balanced, approachable flavor is complemented with a smooth mouthfeel. Designed for use with the Keurig Single Cup Brewing System, Starbucks K-Cups are recyclable as part of its commitment to sustainable practices.

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Starbucks Pike Place Roast Medium Roast Single… $26.99 on

6. Caribou Coffee Daybreak Morning Blend

This morning coffee boasts a blend of fruit, sweet caramel and a nutty aftertaste. This multi-layered coffee sets itself apart from other breakfast brews. This light roast is packaged in K-Cups to help you get your coffee in a matter of minutes. It’s also Rainforest Alliance Certified.

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Caribou Coffee.
Caribou Coffee Daybreak Morning Blend $51.99 on

7. Vitacup Genius Keto Coffee Pods with MCT Oil

If you’re looking for an easy way to squeeze in some supplements, look no further than these nutrition-packed coffee cups. These keto-friendly pods are made with turmeric, MCT oil and other essential vitamins to help with energy and focus.

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Vitacup Genius Keto Coffee Pods with MCT Oil $27.95 on

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