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5 Phrases That Make You Appear Powerful in a Job Interview

Natasha M. Nurse via FairyGodBoss

Job interviews are incredible opportunities to have a good conversation, share your story and start the next chapter of your career. To ace your next job interview, you have to invest time and energy in preparation for the type of conversation you want. Reading this article is a great first step.

Here are five phrases you should say during your next interview to appear powerful — and like the best candidate for the role.

1. “When I was _______, I solved a problem that involved…”

Employers want problem solvers. Why? Every day there is a new fire that needs to be put out on the job. If the employer knows that you are ready to be a value add by solving problems instead of adding them to the list, you will become extremely valuable. Providing personal anecdotes where you solved a problem or deescalated a situation demonstrates how you handle people, stress and other problems you may face in the new company.

2. “I took the initiative to develop…”

When an employer hires a new team member, do you think it helps if the person is a go-getter, or are they looking for someone who needs excessive hand-holding? There is a lot that needs to happen during the workday. The more self-sufficient and independent you are, the easier it is for your supervisor to trust you to handle the workload on your own. During an interview, it is paramount to demonstrate that you are capable, willing and able to take a project or task and run with it.

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3. “I enjoyed collaborating with my team members to…”

It is important to be an autonomous worker, but you also must be able to work well with others. Otherwise, you will likely cause headaches for your supervisor down the road. When you share previous experiences of working well with your team members, you demonstrate what type of team player you are. This will make you a highly desirable candidate for the position.

4. “As a result of doing ________…”

Employers love to hear about measurable results. They want to understand what actions you took and what tangible results were achieved. It is important to prepare talking points that showcase specific results gained from your actions. If you saved the company money or labor hours, those would be stories you want to focus on during the interview.

5. “The company’s mission aligns with my goals of…”

It takes a lot to onboard a new hire. Employers want to know their investment is worth it. Are you here for a couple of months or a couple of years? You want to get the message across that this opportunity is more than a job, but an opportunity for you to learn and plant roots. Hopefully, this interview is a strategic decision you are making to enhance your career and life.

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